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MG TD TF 1500 - Scuttle Muttle

After 2 years of research and reading several MG TD manuals, restoration books and countless web sites I sometimes get confused what is actually being referenced when it comes to the cowl, firewall, scuttle, bulkhead, and toe board.

I never actually thought about it until a while back I was talking with Cory about progress on the body work and we didn't quiet jive on terminology and it left me feeling kinda stupid; up until that point I though I had it down pact, so I researched a little more and found out it depends on who your talking to.

So guys can someone give me a definite answer.

Richard Taylor


Scuttle is the top part, under the windshield and behind the bonnet. Firewall is under the bonnet, around the battery and tool box, where the horns, fuel pump, and electrics mount. Toe board (bulkhead)is the piece below the firewall that is removable.

l rutt

I have always called the section under the windscreen the cowl and the front part (U.S. firewall) the scuttle. One would suspect a toeboard is the part your toes touch, which is metal, not wood. Never thought about if I was right in my thinking.
R.AF. Robert Finucane

I agree with Bob. I tried to be consistent in my website, but I called the scuttle the firewall an awful lot.

Bulkhead could also be the firewall/scuttle, but I've never called it that.

Dave Braun

If you look at the Moss diagrams, the top part is def the scuttle. After that it's a bit gray.
l rutt

For whatever it is worth, the old Abingdon Spares catalog list the piece under the w/s as the cowl. I always thought it was the scuttle! Firewall has always been firewall to me however. I'll have to see if I can find them in the factory parts list sometime- maybe both are correct? George
George Butz

Folks, this is not the first time we have seen two words or more for the same thing
)i.e.: hood & Bonnet, Top & hood & eagtop, boot & trunk, etc)

The part under the windshield is a cowl or a scuttle
The main part between the engine and passenger compartment is a bulkhead or a firewall. ( on a T the toolbox and battery box are in it.)
The part at the bottom is the toeboard or footboard,
Don Harmer

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