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MG TD TF 1500 - Shorrock Supercharger for TD


I have just acquired a Shorrock C75 supercharger and intend to fit it to my TD.
I have checked the archives and found a lot of good information but the following points remain unanswered.

1/ Where can I buy internal parts? I have the manifolds.

2/ I need to buy or make the fixing brackets, does anybody have Diagrams or photos for XPAG?

If any information from the supercharger specialist would be welome.


52 TD
J Scragg

Just make sure you have a strong engine. Supercharging is great but can causse things to bust. Lots of threads on this site re supercharging.
Tom Maine (TD8105)

Check parts for sale in this BBS. There's a guy saying he can supply parts for the midgets, etc. Maybe some of them will fit yours?

Also there's this for information:
Gene Gillam

All internal parts for C75 Shorrocks are the same, no matter what their fitment. I do have some spare parts left. Let me know what you need.

t lange


Thanks for your replies, I have collected more information now.


I will contact you offline with the list of required parts.

J Scragg

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