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MG TD TF 1500 - side lamps 'king of the road'

Someone else bringing up the "King of the Road" headlamp insignia reminded me that I bought some of those little red emblems for the sidelamp on my car. One has it already, and is probably original, and the other is a reproduction without it.

Any ideas about how to install the insignia ? I suppose I would have to drill a hole, and then glue it in with some kind of epoxy. Are there any gotchas I haven't figured out ?

Larry Ayres
Larry Ayres

Hi Larry, --- I had to buy new sidelamps for my TD and they came without the little red dots. Using the old lamps for the dimensions I drilled an undersized hole and then very carefully opened it up with a tapered reamer to get a good fit. I don't remember what else I did to seal the dots in, but they have been there since about 1992. At the same time I put in sockets for double contact bulbs for turn signals. All running well now.
Let us know what you do to yours and how it turns out.
R. K. (Bob) Jeffers

Hi Larry,
As you may have figured out the Moss and Abington Spares replacement "red dots" are a junky piece of plastic with a lot of mold marks still on them. Carefully trim them with a hobby knife and the glue them in place with clear silicone caulk, sparingly. They will not fall out, and the caulk will waterproof the light shell. Easy to remove if you must, in the future.
Rob Silverman

New originals are still out there. I bought a pair for my TC not long ago. Try some of the UK parts houses.
Steve Simmons

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