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MG TD TF 1500 - Singh Groove Discussion

I sent the Singh Groove links to a friend who has two MGB's and he posted them on the MG Experience forum which started a lengthy discussion.,1665288,1665933#msg-1665933


James Neel TD28423

Thinking back, years ago, so many trials and errors were made in the racing industry, I wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't done back then in one form or another. I personally knew a fellow who took an old 85 hp Ford flat head V8 and made it fire on two cylinders at the same time, by modifying the cam and timing. It worked, but almost shook the engine to pieces! Was he an idiot or genius? Good question. A lot of the technology that is in our every day vehicles today came from those people who had an idea on how to improve an engines performance and was willing to gamble on their idea. Some worked and some didn't. The ones that didn't work became a very expensive venture in some cases where it turned a valuable engine into a pile of junk and the guy was called an idiot, on the other side of the coin where an idea worked, the guy was called a genius! I personally would use a lot of caution cutting into the heads on our engines. One false move and your looking for another head, not an easy task and expensive in most cases. The grass always looks a little greener on the other side of the fence, until you get there. Remember, there are limits to what you can do to a reciprocating engine without completely re designing it. Just my thoughts on the subject. No harm or insults intended. PJ

Oops, Sorry, the engine wasn't an 85hp, it was a Ford 60 out of a midget race car.
P Jennings

OTOH, I have seen an old flathead Ford V8 that had been mounted on a trailer and modified so that four of the cylinders ran the engine, driving a generator, while the other four cylinders formed a 2-stage air compressor. Neat arrangement.
David "probably a standard mod back in the day..." Lieb
David Lieb

David -
That was a production item from one of the big compressor manufacturers, Schramm I think. They built a 4/4 on the Ford flathead V8, and a 3/3 on the Ford flathead 6. Special heads and manifolds were made to suit. Father of a friend had one to run his sandblasting business. I did and still want one, having grown up on flatheads. No doubt a bunch of homebrew ones too. Guys who really need a project could make one to match their favorite engine, but siamesed ports can be an issue! Using the engine side to run a generator when not using air is an addition, but pretty obvious.

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FR Millmore

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