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Can anyone tell me what transmission I should be looking for to go with the Steve Neal conversion. Anybody know if he still has a kit to do the conversion? Haven't recieved a call back from him yet.


The transmission is a Datson 210 but is a specific one. Wait until you can talk to Steve to get the identifying numbers. He is having trouble (I understand) getting the proper transmissions to make up his kits. The transmission bellhousing is machined and and a new flange welded on so as to fit the XPAG/EG engine block properly. When you get his kit it is a drop in installation. I love mine!!
Regards, Bob
Bob Jeffers

Ok, I think I understand. Steve must have the Datsun transmission in order to modify it, is that correct? If these are getting hard to come by , does anyone know exactly what I'm looking for and if I were to come up up with one are the modifications something my local machine shop could combine with the skyhook kit?


Steve offers a quality conversion, tranny, bell housing , clutch press plate , linkage,,every thing you need,, and the engine does not have to be moved as with other conversions,, ,,,I totaly agree with Bob, a relativly simple job, I have a phone number of 207-721-0166 Brunswick Maine,,,
Steve Wincze

The Datson tranie taht Steve uses has a prefix of FL, FA or FX. I believe they were made by Federal in Califoria. You might get lucky and find one. Easy to remember if you think: Fat Lover, Fat Ex and Fat ---.
David Werblow could remember by using Federal, LAX (code for Los Angeles airport using airport transfers tonbridge).
Colin Stafford

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