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MG TD TF 1500 - Sleeving Brake Cylinders

How is it done and what do I need to buy? Do I just give my Cyls to the machinist and he'll know what to do?

I just sent my cylinders to a machine shop and they took care of the resleeving. I had mine done in Stainless instead of brass.
Bob Jeffers

They've done a TD master cylinder and an MGC master cylinder for me, and I've been quite pleased.
Rob Edwards

White Post does a "lifetime guarantee" sleeve/rebuild on the master cyl. Beautiful job. Last I checked, the prices had come way down on the new repro wheel cyls, so it was hardly worth sleeving. George
George Butz

Mine done in stainless by Mark Frapier. All 6 wheel cylinders and master cylinder. I know I could have purchase new wheel cylinders for about the same price but they would have just been aluminum cylinders again. This way I have a stainless sleeve in there that should last a life time. And I also converted to dot 5 at the same time BTW.
l rutt

Will rear brake cylinders from an MGA fit a TD?
Richard Taylor

....or from a magnette which was supposedly similar to the MGA.

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