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MG TD TF 1500 - Someone Wanted a Flathead for a TD

or Item # 230341204609

James Neel

That auction is just the heads for it...would be a nice start though.
E F Gillam first thought was the whole engine as well...was heading (hehe) for my paypal account....

Not the right engine anyhow, that's the big (normal Ford, known at the time as V8-85) one, would nearly bend a T in the middle - about 550 lb. Actually, there's a bigger Lincoln/truck version, about as heavy as the earth. You want a V8-60, the traditional for little cars and midget racers. Don't know the weight, but one night my helper dropped his end and I wound up holding one by myself; never thought I could do that again, but it was the only way to save my leg! That was one of the 37ish ones with welded stainless steel outer water jackets.
Then you want to go and find one of the very few sets of Ardun heads made for V8-60!
The V8-60 was produced in US & England, roughly 1935-40, and was sold to Simca and produced in France in the 50s in their cars with "V" names - Vedette, Versailles, etc. Later versions of these had stroker cranks.
The V8-85 was also made in France, up into the '60s, as a French Military engine, with improvements. Given enough cash, you can buy a brand new one from a US guy who bought them up when the French quit using it.

FR Millmore

A V8-60 flathead in my TD. Marvin

Marvin Stuart

Another shot of the V8-60 in the TD. Marvin

Marvin Stuart

Very nice fit Marvin. Have photos of the cockpit?
Jim Merz

Jim, the cockpit is all TD. The only mod is the transmission cover. The shifter hole was moved, and a speedo cable hole added. The snug area was replaced with a shelf for my heater. Marvin

Marvin Stuart

Nice mod.

This got me looking around, and I can't resist posting this link:

At the bottom is another link to something truly bizarro!

FR Millmore

Ah, does that bring back memories. First vehicle I owned was a 1930 Model A milkbed pickup with a offy flathead 8.

I love the conversion. Looks like it fits very well

Bruce E Cunha

I'd love to see someone pick that bike off the ground after dropping it.
Geoff Baker

I saw a small block chevy 3-wheeler last year in Grand Haven, MI at Coast Guard week.

James Neel

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