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MG TD TF 1500 - Something loose?

For some time I have had some "rumbling" noise when I hit some bumps on the roads. And there are plenty of them here in Norway. I thought maybe it came from all the things I have in the luggage compartment and the tool box. I took out everything today, it helped, but I think there is something under the car that is making the noise.
I need to have someone take a good look underneath. Any suggestions?
Raymond Wardenaer

Yes, several of us have had such a noise caused by a loose arm on one of the rear shocks. Check ALL the bolts on each shock. Instant fix in my case!
efh Haskell

Thank you, Ed. Will do!
Raymond Wardenaer

Raymond-- I also have been experiencing the noise just as you described it. I checked the tool box but it was not there. To me it sounded like a loose floor board but I know they were tight when I did the interior work. Following Ed's suggestion, I checked all of the shocks. All I found was the left rear shock had two bolts that could be tightened a bit but they were not really loose. I did find, though, that the left from louvre panel (in the wheel well) was very loose (my guess is that I just failed to fully tighten the screws from some reason). I am hoping that this is the source of my noise problem. I a day or two I will get the car out and see what happens.

LD Kanaster

Problem solved. Loose rear shock. nice to get rid of that ugly sound. Has anybody put a soft mat in the luggage compartment to reduce the noise from there?
Raymond Wardenaer

i've never had anything of significance in the luggage compartment..what are you hauling? regards, tom
tom peterson

Good news Ray. Now post some more Youtubes!
I used Dynamat under the rear carpet. It stops all noise. I also wrap my stuff back there in towels which are useful to lay on if a breakdown.
efh Haskell

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