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MG TD TF 1500 - Source for correct steering wheel?


My TD came with the probably original steering wheel very neatly covered with black leather.

Now, I would like to go for something closer to the original plastic wheel, and I suspect that under the leather cover, my wheel rim will not be in great shape, so I am searching for a reproduction or reconditioned wheel.

I am considering the type of wheel offered in as item number: 171856903814

Is this the correct color? I seem to have read about some marble finish instead of flat

Any other hint?

Thanks for your comments.

J Benajes

You can get a repro steering wheel from the usual sources such as Moss or Brown & Gammons, or you can have your original wheel restored. There are one or two specialists in the UK who can get them looking as good as new by stripping and replacing the rim, etc. Marbled or not marbled.
Dave H
Dave Hill

Kimble Engineering of the UK used to have a nice reproduction of the original but I don't see them listed on their current website.

Roy Challberg

Thanks for the suggestions.

Regarding some restoration service in the UK, the price is higher than the ebay option.

As far as the availability from vendors, I have found that only Anglo Parts offers the wheel as available (at the consequential high price for their probably excellent service).

Still looking for some alternative...

What about marble or flat finish?

J Benajes

Jesús - I can't help you with other sources for new wheels but I can tell you that my original wheel, which crumbled away long ago, had a marbled finish. My 30+ year old Moss reproduction has about the right color but lacks the marbled finish.
Joe Olson

And there was a time that the Moss wheel had a marbled finish but the wrong color. :-(
Christopher Couper

This is an area where a lot of people like something a bit nicer than the marbled plastic original :)

Geoffrey M Baker

I think my mind is crumbling away just like my old steering wheel did. Imagine my surprise when I jumped into my car today and saw that my wheel is actually just like what Chris describes - marbled, but the wrong color!
Joe Olson

Jesus - I know of a company that has a NOS dated steering wheel, 1952 as I recall. Please contact me off group and I'll give you their contact details. Frank
FOG Frank

Thanks Frank. Email sent.

J Benajes

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