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MG TD TF 1500 - Source for non-SS muffler?

All the usual suppliers have are the stainless steel set-ups for about $300. Nice, but does anyone have a source or info for just plain ol steel systems? Or should I just go to a local pipe-bender/muffler shop to get something that'll just work?

What is your opposition to an SS system?

They really are worth the few extra $$. I actually polished mine before I put it on. No cost and great looks.
l rutt

TD or TF. I have a nice steel exhaust for a TF I just took off. It is in great condition, but is being replaced with a SS since the car is being restored. If you are going to Mystic I can bring it along.
D. Sander

It's a TD. No opposition to SS- mainly it's a mental thing with me about spending 300+ for a very very elemental exhaust.No doubt the mirror polished SS systems are nice but for my(soon to be) driver, I'd say it's gilding the lily a bit. Just want a basic, solid, regular steel system without the bling.

Brian - this is a vague reference, but I remember putting a Ford Falcon muffler into my college TD in 1971; it was the right length and had the right size in and out pipes. It lasted as long as I owned the car.

You may find it best to go to a local muffler shop with what you have and see if they can find a muffler to fit the space - not Midas, but a real muffler shop, perhaps one specializing in hot rods or exhausts from scratch. The tail pipe should be easy to fabricate; the head puipe less so.

IS there a difference between TD and TF systems? I think they are the same.

t lange

A doge neon resonator is the same size, but is very, very loud....(hehehe)
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

For the "muffler", a 2' long glasspack works , but pretty loud. Had one on the TD in the late 70s. Like the old-school muffler shop idea- don't know about the cost.
George Butz

Brian, I have a steel header pipe you can have for the shipping. If your interested I can take a picture and send you.

Richard Taylor TD3983

Once you get to the back of the car and away from the lifter noise I like the sound of this TD (it belonged to a friend of mine):

I remember him saying it was a generic muffler he'd had put on many years ago.
Gene Gillam

I don't like SS systems, mainly because they use very thin material in order to keep costs down. This makes them more "tinny" sounding than mild steel systems and more prone to cracking.

On most of my cars (including the Y-Type and TC) I go to a local old-time muffler shop and have a system made custom for the car. Typically it costs between $80 and $150 for a single box system made from aluminized steel. This material combines the best of both worlds - it will not rust and is nice and thick. Most new cars use it for this reason. Look in any wrecking yard and you will see that many of the exhaust systems still look new!
Steve S

I'm confused,,,, you say " I like the sound of this TD (it belonged to a friend of mine):"
Isn't that your car ??????
You also said it was dificult to steady the camera while driving,,,, well,,,, I will volunteer to fly down and hold the camera the next time you film a drive !!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve Wincze


Darn, accidentally posted wrong video. Should have been this one:

Gene Gillam

Back in about 1962, the muffler on my 52 TD rusted out, along with the tail pipe. Replaced both with a straight pipe, put a bit of a bend in it IIRC, drove it that way for several yrs. Loud, very throaty, not as loud as my brother's 120M Jag. No complaints from anyone, incl. my wife.
A W Parker

As I posted earlier today, there is a 3 piece NOS mild steel exhaust set on eebey posted just today. Ohio, starting at $75. Nice offer for steel purists.

'54 TF
Tom Norby

Tom Norby:
Do you have an e-bay sale listing number? I have searched e-bay motors without success. Thanks,


It is under mgtf parts. Listing number 190446602829.

Tom Norby

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