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MG TD TF 1500 - Spark Plugs

I rebuilt the engine on my TF with all the usual upgrades to give something like Stage II. I fitted new NGK BP6ES plugs, which seemed fine until today. Started up the engine and an immediate misfire. Did all the usual checks at least three times until I finally spotted that one plug was slightly oily. Swopped plugs between cylinders, restarted engine, still a misfire and plug still slightly oily. Didn't have a spare plug of the same type so found an old short reach Autolite, put that in and restarted. bingo - no misfire. Definitely a plug problem. I ordered a new set off the net after looking in the local car super store and finding to my surprise that they had hardly any any plugs at all, let alone the right type. The UK has mostly gone diesel it seems! Anyway, it seems to me very poor that a new plug fails almost immediately. Does anyone have a recommended alternative to the NGK BP6ES please?
Dave H
Dave Hill

Dave how do you drive the car? short pootles? or a good long run every so often, plugs can fail for several reasons, including never getting hot. are the other 3 good? if so it might be a bad cylinder or valve oil leak.

I have used Champion N9YC plugs in a mildly tuned XPAG TF for a few years now (at least 10). They suit my motor nicely, never any problems. And my local Halfords have them on the shelf.
Following the above post, my TF pootles about but also gets thrashed quite often.
Ray TF 2884
Ray Lee

Just pootling at the moment as I'm running in. Swopped the plug between cylinders, and its the plug not the cylinder.
Halfords here only have NGK, but not BP6ES.. Good to know that Champion N9YC work.
Dave H
Dave Hill

The correct Champion plug for a late TD or TF is a N5C or better is RN5C with the built in resister to suppress RF for the sake of nearby radios and the pertronix.
The resistor also helps some timing lights

The N9YC is specified for the MGB
Don Harmer

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