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MG TD TF 1500 - Speedo cable routing (again)

I've posed this question before, but have now managed to get a better photo of the problem. You will see from the picture that my speedo cable exists the transmission and then bends sharply round to sit next to the master cylinder and pedal box (RHD car). I am wondering whether the cable ought to be routed through a hole in the master cylinder support plate and run between the chassis member and the pedal box (see picture) as this would considerably reduce the bend. Can anyone who has a RHD car confirm the proper route? Thanks, Matt

Matt Davis

The cable on my RH TD runs under the mastercylinder and under the chassis member and comes back up between the chassis member and the wing. See photo, I have also put some pipe insulation at the points where it touches the bodywork to reduce noise transmission. Following this route reduces the tight bends reqyired if you take it to the side of the master cylinder.
Mick 52TD

Mick Cook

hello mick, i noticed the oulet port of your fuel pump is not at the 12 o'clock position i have seen on other pumps. is this location peculiar to your car for a specific reason or have you seen other pumps mounted like yours? regards, tom
tom peterson

Mick Cook ... Your car looks great. I noticed a red clip on your stay bar. It looks like it holds up the hood (bonnet?). Is there another one for the rear? Did you make them or are they available somewhere?
Mort TD 1851

Mine's a TF. I don't remember having to un-thread the cable from the hole shown in your pic. I'm off to see a mate's TF tomorrow. I'll look a/t his.


A R Jones

On my RHD TD, the cable was routed between the frame and the master cylinder mounting bracket. One end will fit thrugh the narrow space but not the other. I think it was the speedo end that will slide through. I dont remember that my car has the hole as shown in Matt's photo but that routing would allow any spills of brake fluid to penetrate the speedo outer housing and maybe ruin the lubricant for the inner cable.
Jim Merz

Mort, you can make your own bracket from some U shaped channel as I have done. I cut to length and drilled a hole for a slightly longer bolt to replace the original bolt. Sprayed it black and you hardly notice that it is there. No bracket required for the rear of the hood side and it keeps the rear edge of the hood off the top of the tool box.

Jim Merz

I think this picture confirms that the speedo cable is routed through the hole in the master cylinder mounting bracket. Matt
Matt Davis

The fuel pump was fitted in that manner by a previous owner, it works Ok so don't see any reason to fix what ain't broke.
Mort as jim has said you can make one out os a piece of angle, there is no need for a rear stay.
Mick Cook

Matt, You might be right about the cable routing. I'll have to look at my car and see if there is a hole in the same position as your car.
I wonder what other RHD TD owners have found. I know that my car had been tinkered with by a DPO so I am not going to be surprised by whatever we may be able to collectively determine.
I notice that your car had suffered many of the same indignities with all the reflectors, girling shocks, ect.
Jim Merz

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