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MG TD TF 1500 - Speyer MG Meeting

As a new TD driver going to Speyer for the German MG Club meet at the end of May I would like to know what spares other participants are taking. Would also like to chat or meet others on route or at the event, anyone reading this going?
j c rathbone

hello John,
tried to see you at Gordons famous picture site but you are not in there yet...
Speyer for us is in between a Greece holiday and the Dutch MG Carclub Octogon tour so we decided not to go to Speyer although the programme looks fantastic. But we are on the route I suppose from UK to Speyer. Our town is Helmond, close to Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Would welcome any opportunity to chat anyway. Greetings, Huib
Huib Bruijstens

Hello Huib
Thanks for the reply, will look at the map to see if your town is on route. I did try three times to send a photograph for Gordons picture site but never made it in the gallery. If Gordon reads this perhaps he could tell me where I am going wrong? correct address?
j c rathbone

Try it again... don't usually miss photos that come in....
gblawson - TD#27667

Hi jc - We shall be going with the 1954 TF from Yorkshire. I was brought up in Bristol, on the Wells Rd. side - which part of Somerset are you in ?

As for spares don't worry too much - you can take the kitchen sink and still not have the bit you need ! Have a jack that works, , sound tyres, a car that is running OK and take it easy on the journey. Good Lucas points, spare coil,and fuel pump plus usual tools and you should be fine. There will be plenty of contacts/help once you're there and parts can be sent out by people like Brown & Gammons etc. The MG car club do a Continental Handbook with addresses of garages and I would recommend a 'get you home' sevice as a final back up if all else fails !

We did 2,800 miles to Salzburg last Sept. with a uneventful journey and Speyer is half the distance ! We usually go through N. France - Lille - Valenciennes - Dinant - Neufchateau - Arlon - Luxembourg - Trier (great Roman remains) Kaiserslautern - Speyer. Look up that route on the map and you'll get the general idea so you can work out your own. We keep off M-ways whenever we can but it's worth using the free A25 through Lille then the dual carriageway to Valenciennes which is where the quiet roads begin ! Eindhoven would be a big diversion to the North with the roads flat and busy but that's your choice.(I've now offended all the Dutch owners - sorry Huib !)

Look forward to perhaps seeing you there,

Cheers John & Lynne 110 UXM
J.C Mitchell

Hi John and Lynne
Thanks for your reply and the advice. I think you may be right about Eindhoven, where do cross the channel? We will be taking it easy (part of a longer holiday!)and avoiding motorways. What sort of accommodation do you normally use?
Look forward to meeting you there
John and Chris
696 UXU
j c rathbone

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