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MG TD TF 1500 - Spitting Master Cylinder

I had the master sylinder on the TF rebuilt and resleeved. It spits brake fluid out the little hole in the filler cap when the brakes are applied. The level of fluid is about 1/2 inch below the cap, so this is quite wierd. In addition, this car does not stop very well...lots of pedal pressure required. I don't think I can lock them up. Any thoughts on this? Only thing I can think of is air coming out. But the cylinder was bench bled and all that. Old wheel cylinders were rebuilt, new lines put on, etc...I have a friend who also has a TF and we marvel at how the brakes are about like a Model A Ford. Really crappy. Mike
MW Davis

A TD or TF with properly working brakes stops very well, with just a little more pedal pressure than a modern car. Are the linings new? Front wheel cylinders reversed (see "brake problems" thread below)? Shoes properly adjusted? It should make 4 even skid marks if you stomp on the pedal going slowly. No clue about the spitting- mine will spit a bit without the cap on. If you used silicone fluid, it is a bit hard to bleed. George
George Butz

Hi George, New linings in the back. Old decent ones up front. Wheel cylinders are properly installed...I checked that yesterday! I beleive I checked the shoe curvature verus the drums but it has been a couple years ago...and memory is not perect at this age!Adjusted to one click. The pedal is high and not mushy. It just takes a lot of pressure. I noticed that the cap for the master cylinder does not have a "shield" inside it, like I have seen on a lot of other old cars, so maybe that is why the spitting goes out the little vent hole in the cap. I did rebuild all the cylinders with new parts, and honed them lightly beforehand. So it looks like I need to take it all apart this winter to figure out what's going on. I think I'll give the master cylinder rebuilder a call about this phenomena. Overall, the brakes are not like what you describe with respect to pressure and performance. Mike
MW Davis

This thread was discussed on 13/09/2012

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