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MG TD TF 1500 - Starter Issues

I got myself in a bit of a jam. I am supposed to drive my grand daughter in a homecoming parade next Friday evening and I was getting the TD ready today. Went to start it today and it just wouldn't go. I must have cranked it to hard because now I think the starter is shorted out. I just ordered one off ebay simply because i can get it quick.. My TD is positive earth so will i have to do something to make the starter turn the correct direction?

Bill Brown TD24570
Bill Brown

No. The starter doesn't care about the polarity. It will always turn in the correct directon.
Lew Palmer

thanks Lew
Bill Brown TD24570
Bill Brown

Sounds like there is some other problem as well if it didn't fire when you cranked it. Check the points / contact breakers, etc.
Dave H
Dave Hill

If you are sure that it is the starter, you can get a starter for an MG midget at almost any local parts store,, A lot less expensive.

SPW Wincze

I had a company here in Dayton Ohio fix the problem with the starter, found a loose wire to the coil and changed the rear end ratio from 5.125 to 4.33. Car started right up drives great, LIFE IS GOOD at this particular moment.

Bill Brown TD24570
Bill Brown

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