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MG TD TF 1500 - Stealth Directional Indicator

My TD is an early 52'. It did not have directionals from the factory. During rebuild, I added them. The harness I got on eBay, had the wires for them.
I never installed the supplied indicator lamp, first because it was ugly, second because the TD did not have one, an lastly I did not want to mess up my engine turned SS dash.

However I find that I really could use a light. Sometimes the switch gets stuck and the lights are flashing quite a while before I notice. With no side curtains and the nice muffler I can't hear the blinked. I did not want one that would look out of place, so I can up with this.

Can you find it?

Jim B.

JA Benjamin

Here it is lit.
I had to tome it down wit a piece of blue electrical tape.
I think I might be able to use black and make it completely hidden.

Jim B.

JA Benjamin

Jim, I am a traditionalist and am taking my PO installed wooden dash back to Rexine/Vinyl but that said, I love your bling! Absolutely beautiful. Jud
J. K. Chapin

Very innovative!! LEDS are great for such purposes!
Will keep that in mind for any updates to my TD!
R Biallas

noticed that the speedometer is not clocked correctly.
I like your solution with the light bolt.

Jim, a few of us have solved that issue by connecting a 12v solid state beeper across the lamp connector. Bud
Bud Krueger

I had thought of that Bud. I have done that on several other cars. It's just that I had this, UNCONNECTED, wire in the new harness and it was calling me to connect it up.

Sandy, I think thats an artifact of how I held the camera. Full on it looks correct. (see attached).

Jud, Thank you. I do like some "bling". I grew up in the age of bling. With a few exceptions I have, however, tried to keep it "Period Correct".
Since we first got the TD (66") I have lusted over that dash. I saw it in an early Moss Catalog. When I retired, 41 years later, I ran across this one on eBay. Somebody was returning their TD to the original cloth cover, and removed it. Luckily it also came with the glove box cover. I have only seen one more since. It did not have a glove box. I also have the matching door step rails.

Since they were a very early Moss catalog, I am calling them Period correct.
I do have some pictures of an MG-J2 and an MG-PA with (factory?) engine turned dashes.

You will note that I did, sort of, brake the "period correct" rule wit the steering wheel hub.
I have some pictures of MG with similar hubs but that's my design. I have also a gearshift knob with the MG logo inserted.
Moss did have that in the 66 catalog I have.

Generally I have tried to retain as much of the original 52" parts as possible, if they were original. The wooden floorboards, for example, are half original, with new wood pieced on the front halves and the original back half retained.

Jim B.

JA Benjamin

So, I think we have found the missing "TE"! <grin>.

Just kidding, nice car!
Lew Palmer

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