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MG TD TF 1500 - Steering Gotcha

When I was finishing up my wiring (Moss loom) I routed the clearance/turn signal/headlight portion down the diagonal brace toward the bottom of the radiator/steering gear. While the car was still on the jack stands I happened to turn the steering wheel to hard right lock.

When I attempted to bring the steering wheel back to center it was jammed!

Inspection revealed that the three bolt vibration dampener of the steering column caught the wires of the loom and wrapped them tight during the turn.

What I feel is critical here is that I am a believer of tie wraps and had secured the loom on the brace and "insured" there was sufficient clearance to any moving part.

Fortunately this problem presented itself while the car was on jack stands rather then on the test drive.

And then there's the fuel pump of the previous post............

Ray Cullen

Not much clearence is there Ray. I don't like the fact the the connectors sit mighty close to that spining generator pully either.


Ironically, thats how I fortuned into purchasing my 50 TD in 1969, when PO WRAPPED it around till it shorted out and burned up the entire harness. He sold it to me for $300, and included a new harness. A few hours later I had it on the road. Bob
R.AF. Robert Finucane

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