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MG TD TF 1500 - Steering Locked Up!

Happy Sunday Everyone,
I just finished cleaning up the threads on my steering flange and put in the new bushings bolts and washers. Thought I would give it a turn before putting on the lock nuts and ........ I cant get the steering wheel to budge. It's locked up. I don't get it!I don't see any thing binding along the shaft.
Any suggestions on where to start? I's been sitting for a few months.
Thanks as always,
J Hageman

Are the axles turned or straight ahead?...Try
jacking the front of the car up ,and then turning the steering wheel...Might free it up.
Edward Wesson 52TD

Hi Edward, Thanks for your help. I jacked up the front and with a lot of effort finally got the wheels to turn. I put some 90 wt oil in through the cap at the bottom of the steering shaft and kept wiggling the steering back and forth until things loosened up.
I have also rebuilt the front suspension so everything is pretty tight. Hopefully it will loosen up as time goes by.
Thanks again,
J Hageman

I wouldn't advise driveing it untill you find out why it bound up!!!!!!!!!!!It It is very strange that it bound up after sitting for only a few months,,,,Our car sat untouched for 17 years, but the steering still worked fine when we found the car,,


Jim, I agree with Steve! You should find out what caused it to hang up before putting it on the road. If you rebuilt the rack, Sometimes the damper pad can get a little tight, especially if it gets dry due to lack of lubricant. There's supposed to be a shim in there to adjust pressure on it. Just another avenue to check. Because of their mechanical nature, steering racks on these cars are just about as bullet proof as you can get, so it's usually an adjustment to correct smoothness of operation. PJ
Paul sr

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