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MG TD TF 1500 - Steering rack pinion shaft arrow?

Good afternoon all.
Section J.5 of the WSM says "Refit the coupling with a coupling bolt inline with the arrow on the shaft." Where is the arrow located? I can't seem to find it, is it located on the pinion gear side or the shaft , where the coupling slides on the shaft? Thanks , John
John Hambleton

Hi John, I believe the arrow is supposed to be on the pinion shaft, where the flange attaches, but it is very elusive, if there at all. I gave up, and just aligned the front wheels straight ahead by eye, attached the flanges on the column, with the steering wheel in a resonably centred position, and did the final steering wheel centering using the method that D. Braun suggests in the last paragraph of his March 10th entry "TD Front Alignment", which just involves adjusting the tie rod ends by equal amounts, but in opposite directions, so as not to disturb your toe in/out adjustment, assuming that it is adjusted correctly. Cheers, Phil
Phil Atrill

I haven't looked on the TD yet as I haven't gotten that far, but I did fid it on the TF. Very tiny and easy to miss. Lined everything up just fine on the TF.

My memory doesn't go past 5 minutes ago but I seem to remember the very small arrow on the flange and a small line mark on the shaft. Now back to paint.
LaVerne Downey

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