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MG TD TF 1500 - Steering shaft extension removal

My original steering shaft is bent and I'm attempting to remove the adjustable front piece to replace on the new shaft. How is the front part... the part the steering wheel attaches... removed from the shaft?

Anyone ever tried to straighten a bent shaft and tube?Thanks
Sid Orr

Sid - The steering wheel portion of the shaft has a flat key in it that has to be removed in order to get the two pieces of the shaft apart. Since the key was missing on our TD and I never replaced it, I don't remember how to get it out, but I'm sure there are others on the BBS who can describe the procedure to you. As for straightning the shaft, try taking it to a boat shop where they straighten prop shafts. I watched a guy do that one time and in about 10 minutes he had the shaft running straight and true without even using a gauge to measure the bend. Good luck - Dave
David DuBois

If its the wheel portion...remove large nut, use a wheel puller gently...once the wheel is off the key just lifts out (or prys out with a screwdriver). Not sure what comes out after that to get the shaft out?
gordon lawson

sid, page j4 of the maint manual. it says remove the clamping nut from the telescopic adjustment clamp and extract the clamping bolt. thia allows the wheel to be extended to its full lenght and the helical sleeve to be pulled toward the steering wheel..exposing the flat retaining key. remove the key and the steering column will slide out. i hope this onfo is of some use. if you don't have a maintenance manual i strongly suggest you get one. they are very handy to have. regards, tom
tm peterson

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