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MG TD TF 1500 - Steering Wheel

Hi again

My TD steering wheel is equipped with a black leather cover which I would like to get rid of. Under the cover the rim is painted black as is the center although the centercap is beige. I beleive the complete wheel should be beige, is this correct?
If so, what(paint?)should I use for the color change? And should any other preperations be done first - or should I simply leave it to proffesionals?

Torben Olesen

Torben -- What's under the black paint? Bud
Bud Krueger

I thought the rim should not be painted at all - normally it should be natural resin in some shade of beige. And the center piece would normally be of tan or copperish color
Mike Fritsch

I have a very nice original bronse/Marble finished steering wheel that I can trade or sell. Email me off list for photo if interested. I live in Oslo.


Jan Kristoffersen

Then normal wheel is mottled sorta. i use the leather as the standard outer part of the wheel is thin and slippery and the leather makes it easier to grip and steer with that big 16 inch wheel.
Tom Maine (TD8105)
Len Fanelli

....funny how there are so many 'leather covered' wheels... that 1950's plastic sure did funny things.....

gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

Hi again

I tried to scratch a little of the black away from the backside of the rim, and it looks like its kind of beige underneath. However, the black paint (I guess it is) is very difficult to remove, so it might be something done proffesionally earlier on?
The centerboss is also black, as mentioned, but underneath the color is bronze, which I beleive to be original. Also here the paint seems to be much easier to remove.


Torben Olesen

Torben, My TF wheel was in very poor condition with many cracks and even a couple small pieces missing on the rim. Using an epoxy filler and filing, sanding and 3 coats of Moss dash paint along with many coats of clear, the wheel came up looking like this. They can be repared, it just takes hours of work. The rim is not the original color, as it had a marbling effect and was lighter in shade. But I'm going with this for now. PJ

P. Jennings

Back of wheel.

P. Jennings

Thats a nice looking wheel PJ. Is the color correct for both the centerboss and the rim?
Torben Olesen

The center, as I've been told, is supposed to be correct, matching the dash background, but the rim isn't. The rim is a lighter color with more cream in it and with a marbling effect which can not be duplicated with paint. I was going to buy a new wheel from Moss, until I found out that their wheel isn't correct, as to original, either. I know there are a couple new old stock wheels floating around the internet, but knowing that the rim is 50/60 years old, I'd be afraid that it wouldn't take much for it to start falling apart, so I wouldn't take a chance for that much money. But that's just me. PJ
P. Jennings

Yes, the origional rim was a marble effect. I went with a Moss replica wheel some years ago, and it is quite satisfactory. It has a solid (non-origional) tan rim, but I put on a Wheelskins dot com leather cover, in a slightly darker shade of brown. It looks quite nice and is very much more comfortable that the bare, skinny rim.
Steven Tobias


There are people around who rebuild steering wheels, even down here in the land of Aus.

I priced having my wheel rebuilt the cost was enormous $A1000+, very lucky an original wheel bobbed up on fleabay that was as good as new.

There is an Aussie guy on fleabay offering reconditioned and used wheels however he wants premium money also.

If you want the link to the Aussie wheel rebuilder pls advise.

G Evans

Some of Gordon's handiwork. I painted the horn to match body and interior colors

Keith Yarbrough(TD1558)

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