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MG TD TF 1500 - Steering wheel adjustment/interference

Hi All,

This morning I decided to raise the steering wheel up a bit... Unfortunately, while it raised fine, it wouldn't turn all the way any more because the clamp which fixes the in/out adjustment was interfering with the inner dash! The steering column wasn't that close to the dash, however the clamp just seems to line right up with the inner dash.

Can this clamp be moved? It would be really nice to get the wheel up a bit more (it sits just an inch off of my thighs right now).


I think you are stuck with this probelm since the clamp will not go further to the front of the car. I had same problem - you can shave a little wood off the inner dash but it is not a lot of help.
J T Smith

As far as I understand, this clamp should stay steady on the inner column. When adjusting the steering wheel position in and out, the only element that should move is the short splined shaft, which slides in the long inner column.

Is not the clamp stationary with respect to the column?

Am I missing something?

J. Benajes

My clamp also turns... and no matter how high I clamp it (wood has been removed from the inner dash), it is back down at the bottom within a week.
I can't believe, in a car where you are right on top of the wheel, there are so many adjustments to driving position... With the wheel as low as it goes and seat as far forward as it could go, I wouldn't be able to get in the car!!!!
gordon lawson - TD 27667

So, it sounds like there isn't something particular strange about my car; the in/out clamp seems to interfere with the inner dash, limiting the amount that the steering column can be raised.

This seems kind of ridiculous, since the column itself can be raised a further ~1" in my car. The dash bottom and vertical adjustment allows it, but the in/out clamp does not.

I guess that one engineer wasn't talking to the other one or something!


Perhaps if our clamps turn and they are not supposed to, there is a problem down at the bottom end of the shaft? As there is a felt bushing between the two tubes, the outside shouldn't turn (one would think)?
gordon lawson - TD 27667

The clamp turns with the wheel, and in my TD it was the nut end that fouled the dash panel. Thus I used the thinnest nut that I could find, with a very thin washer, and cut off the end of the bolt so that it only just projected beyond the nut.
When adjusting the column up or down, it is important to loosen the clamp on the bulkhead support post. This clamp is slotted, but I found that I had to file the slot longer at one end to obtain full adjustment. If this clamp is not loosened, then the steering column attempts to pivot about the clamp, putting an upward or downward force on the end with the three rubber bushes (that bolt to the rack/pinion steering shaft). This is the main reason why the rack/pinion steering shaft is often loose in it's housing.
Roger Wilson

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