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MG TD TF 1500 - Steering wheel and shaft- correct position?


What is the correct position of the chrome clamp over the adjusting shaft in the TD steering assembly? Shouldnt it be verticalwith the clamping bolt at the bottom in horizontal position?

I suppose that the correct position of the steering wheel is with the top spokes in the 10 and 2 oclock position, with the hole for the screw of the centrepiece assembly in the 8 oclock position. In this way, the long notch in the adjusting shaft for the key lies also in the 8-oclovk position.

In this situation, the chrome clamp for blocking the adjusting shaft lies not vertical, and the bolt is not at the bottom, but turned to the right.

It is not possible to change the relative position of the centrepiece-wheel-adjusting shaft inner column. Hence, everything seems to be fine, except that the key for the adjusting shaft is in the 8 oclock position (not visible) and the chrome clamp is turned with the bolt not horizontal.

Is that ok? Any enlightenment will be highly appreciated.

J. Benajes

Sounds like you have it "correctly" installed! Personally ...I put the bolt in a drawer and a wing-nut on the car so I could use it! Did the same for "tilt" under the dash.
David 55 TF1500 #7427
David Sheward

My wheel has the spokes at 10 and 2...but the screw is at 20 after matches the keyway slot
gordon lawson - TD 27667

I seem to recall that the determining factor is the location of the threaded boss on the centerpiece relative to the orientation of the MG logo. Gordon, it would appear that your MG logo must have been reoriented. Stock location would have the screw at the 8 o'clock position.
Bud Krueger

Thanks for your inputs.

During the course of my TD restoration, I dismantled up to the smallest piece of everything, included the steering assembly. Here is what I have in my TD (I think fully original in this case):

The parts in the centrepiece can be assembled only in one way: the MG logo, the chrome ring around it and the centrepiece itself. They all have some notch or boss, that forces the hole for the screw to be at the 8 o’clock position, when the MG logo is upright (the chrome ring position is irrelevant, I think).

Once on the steering wheel, the centrepiece with the MG logo upright (and the screw hole at 8-o’clock) leads to having the key slot for the adjusting shaft again at 8-o’clock.

Since in the adjusting shaft the grooves for both keys (one for the steering wheel and one for the adjusting movement) are lined up, again the second key must be in the 8-o’clock position. Consequently, the matching hole in the inner column for this second key must be in that position, 8-o’clock. The inner steering column has a notch for the clamp bolt on the opposite side of the hole for the key. This all obliges to install the chrome clamp turned around, with its bolt at the 2-o’clock position, that is, inclined at the upper-right side of the steering column.

And this is what worried me, since I believed that he bolt should be horizontal at the bottom of the steering column.

J. Benajes

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