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MG TD TF 1500 - Steering Wheel Color

Hi All

I purchased a used steering wheel on E-bay. I note that the rim material is a different color than that on my 1950 TD.

My 50 has a dark cream to tan color and the new one is a charcoal gray. Other than that, the wheel and center hub/medalion are exactly the same.

It appears to not have been painted or repaired. Did the TD have a dark steering wheel rim or is this from another MG?

Bruce Cunha

THE MKII had the charcoal one but I've found that others did also. Whatever was at hand-rule might apply.

John Redman

I have noticed a lot that are sort of "sandy" to "cream" in colour.
Did the hub always match the colour of the rim... or was it more of a copper colour. Removed my paint from the center button yesterday and found that the colour I had painted it (copper) last year, was not far off what was underneath?
The plastic colour underneath (brown gloss) is what was stock on my grandfather's Morris Minors I remember from the 50's...think it is the same wheel?
gordon lawson


Just a question, but what did you pay for yours. I am watching one right now.

John Redman

I have the original paint on the hub as well as on the instrument panel of my TF and they appear to match. They are a dull gold, almost a tan colour. Close to bronze. The wheel rim is a similar tan colour with a slight swirl and would have had some lustre (before half a century of U.V. rays).

Cheers, Matthew
Matthew Magilton


That sounds about what mine is like.


For some reason I got lucky again on e-bay. Paid $62 and it is in very good condition. I keep watch on some items and this one did not jump up in price like others do.

Two cracks near the base by the wires, but otherwise perfect.

My current one is intact, but a lot of cracking and chipping.

The "whatever was in the bin" might be correct. John. I just wondered if it changed between the years. Thought this might be a TF, but sounds like they had cream also

Bruce Cunha

I bid it up to $320 but lost it to a $330 bid. Ah, well. I'll get the perfect one someday - or spend the bucks for a re-do (BIG bucks)

John Redman

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