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MG TD TF 1500 - Steering wheel fine adjustment

Hi !
The steering wheel may be oriented with the splined shaft of the column.
Is it possible to improve this coarse adjustment by turning both track rods by the same small amount without disturbing the front wheel alignement ?

LC Laurent31

Ray TF 2884
Ray Lee

The steering wheel shouldn't need to be removed to centre the steering wheel at wheel alignments anyway

The correct setup method is to turn the steering from lock to lock and count the number and parts of a turn, then turn back exactly half way and fit the wheel straight there, then recheck that you have exactly equal turns lock to lockfrom this centred position, if you need to move the wheel on the splines to get it exactly equal, then do that---All adjustments after centreing the wheel are then done at the tierods
William Revit

Mine has a key and key way that restricts the wheel position.

P G Gilvarry

If the marks on the pinion have been lined up correctly the keyway will be in the correct orientation. Mind you mine is not and the removable steering wheel is my anti-theft.
Ray TF2884
Ray Lee

Mis-alignment of the steering wheel is usually the result of one or more of the following:-

1/- Steering wheel not being set in the straight ahead position firstly when carrying out a wheel alignment.

2/- The steering column being positioned 120 degrees or more out of line when bolted to the rack flange.

3/- The rack flange being incorrectly fitted to the pinion splines during a rebuild.

You need to know which of these or perhaps all of these are in play, before knowing what to do.

Or you buy the B&G adapter for Mota!ita wheels, it allows 36 fitting positions, should resolve all 3 issues at once.

P G Gilvarry

Slightly misoriented. Less than 5 . It's just to be perfect.
LC Laurent31

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