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MG TD TF 1500 - Steering Wheel Locking Clamp

My brother and myself are both rebuilding TFs. His is being converted from LHD to RHD, mine is RHD from new. On mine the the clamp that locks the in/out of the steering wheel sits directly against the outer, fixed, part of the steering column. This means the lower clamp - the one that fits to the fire wall triangular support - wraps around the boss to the flange that holds in the lower felt bush. Because of the steering position conversion my brother has had to make up a new clamp (following my instruction over the phone!). He has wrapped the clamp around the column itself rather the boss and it does fit better in this position - the boss is slightly tapered. However, this requires the fixed part of the steering column to be moved down towards to flexi joint and leaves a gap between the clamp under the steering wheel and the fixed tube. Who is correct and is it possible I have used the wrong hole in the fire wall support? The clamp I have used is 'P' section, with a central bolt hole and a spacer is needed to bridge the gap between this and the support.

Jan T
J Targosz

Can you post a photo? Then we can compare.

M Magilton

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