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MG TD TF 1500 - Steering Wheel Paint

Gordon Lawson made a beautiful steering wheel for me with a wood rim (see pic). I'm not sure if I want to leave the hub, and spoke hubs unpainted. My center dash panel was painted by the Whitworth shop, and I'd like it to match if I do paint the wheel hub. They have offered to paint it for me to match, for a fee of course. In the event that the fee is too high, I'd paint it myself if I could get a close match to the center panel color.

So, the question is: Has anyone had their center panel painted by Craig Seabrook, and if so, were you able to match the paint they used? if so, what paint did you use?



L Karpman

Hi Larry,
I assume this is a TF, so I can recommend a spray paint can from Moss in California that is the exact match to the original. You can also spray the bakalite centre hub as this was the practice in the factory. It is a gold colour. You would need to mask the spokes as they remain chrome (silver colour). This is very easy. Use one of Moss primer first.
hope this helps. Nice wheel though.

Regards Ian
I Denton

Ian, it is a TD. I was always under the impression that the paint on the wheel hub and center matched the center instrument panel. The Moss paint is much more gold in color (I've used it before) than the tan/bronze of my center panel, hence my original question.


L Karpman

Larry, I also used the Moss paint. I got it from Moss USA, however the paint was made in Europe and had a Moss Europe sticker on it. It was a spray lacquer- really nice quality, and did it as Ian suggested. Craig did my center panel, and it is very close, perhaps a touch brighter, but no one will ever notice. George
George Butz

The moss paint that I got for the TF instrument panel was way too light. But I believe the TF instrument panel was originally darker in color than the TD???? The closest color that I have seen for a TF is the tan/bronze metalic paint on a Honda CRV.

Dan H.
Dan Hanson

The attached picture shows my Craig Seabrook painted center panel, and the Moss paint on my original hub. To me, the Moss paint is not even close to Craig's paint. I think the best bet IF I decide to paint the hub on the new wheel is to send it to Craig to match. His shop says they still have some paint from that batch left.

Thanks to all


L Karpman

Larry, I have to say that the instrument panel in my TD, that I painted with Moss paint around 10 years ago, matches pretty close to the one that you show. My Moss repro wheel is definitely lighter-very similar to your wheel in the photo.
Steven Tobias

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