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MG TD TF 1500 - Steering wheel repairs

My TD wheel has a few splits in the steering wheel which I want to repair before they get any worse. I have seen a number of repair kits on the web, has anyone tried these. If so what were the results like.

Nick Miller
N S Miller

I used one from Eastwood which worked out well. Take a little time and some patience. I think anyone can do it with determination. Turned out very well. Took it to one of our GOFs and sold it one auction for the Registery.
Ellis Carlton


I repaired mine a few years ago. It had several splits, and some loss of rim material, escpecially around the area where the spokes met the rim. I used a two-part marine epoxy - kind of a clay-type material that when kneaded together can be applied and formed. When it hardened up, became very solid. The repairs had held up very well.

I got the epoxy at a US chain-hardware store (Lowes), though any significant hardware store or marine store should carry something similar. I imagine it is very similar to the stuff that Ellis used from Eastwood.

Of course, the only difficulty after making the repair, is matching the original color. In my case, the steering wheel was black, rather than the pearlescent finish, so matching was no problem - black lacquer spray paint.

Good luck.

Larry Thompson
Larry Thompson

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