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MG TD TF 1500 - Steering wheel shaft question

OK, onto the next problem! :) My new original steering wheel doesn't fit on the shaft on the MG. Here's an image of the wheel that was on the car:

Geoff Baker

Here's the shaft, notice that it is splined!

Geoff Baker

Here's the hub of the new wheel; the hole is not splined. (It's also tapered, and has a keyway).

So what should I do here? do I need to get a new steering wheel shaft? Are they available?

Thanks for any help!

Geoff Baker

Could that be an adaptor fastened on to the original shaft? The original is the same diameter all the way, splined on the inner end to allow in and out adjustment, with a taper/key to fit on the wheel. If the one you have is all one piece (including the part that extends well inside the adjuster clamp/inner column), you will need a shaft. Moss/Abingdon have them, about $130.
George Butz

I think early Morris Minors have wheels exactly the same as TD / TFs but are spined rather thank key wayed.

Jan T
J Targosz

Could it be that an MGA shaft was fitted to accommodate the after market steering? Later MGA's have the telescopic shaft and the MGA wheel needs a splined shaft instead of the keyed one.

I would be interested in the splined shaft if it is 'surplus to your needs' as I want to fit another steering wheel to my Y-type that has the keyed shaft as standard as well.
Willem van der Veer

Geoff, the steering wheel is designed to be a snug fit onto the tapered top section of the splined adjustable piece of the steering column. See Figure J.3 of the WSM. The woodruff key in the splined section mates with the slot in the hub of the wheel. Bud
Bud Krueger

Willem, if I have to replace my shaft I'd be happy to sell you my splined shaft... but I won't be able to figure this out until I get back from vacation in January... why don't you email me at ... I've been offered a TD shaft for $65 would you be willing to pay $65 for my splined shaft?
Geoff Baker

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