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MG TD TF 1500 - Steeringwheel size

I have just recieved my new investment, a MG TD 1951. I need to do some improvements to get as much space as possibly for me when driving as Im 190cm tall. Thinking of replace the steeringwheel with a 13" or 14" Moto-Lita steeringwheel. Has anyone experiance how how much this will effect the power needed for steering? Will it be to heavy to turn the steeringwheel?
Ulf Claesson

Ulf, My Mota-Lita steering wheel has a diameter 1 in. less than the original, and provides better clearance for certain anatomies. I have not noticed any difference in steering effort. Being cushioned, it is quite comfortable on the hands and slip resistant. An added benefit is that you can centralize the wheel spokes easier than the original, as there are several positions avaialble to attach to the boss. Cheers Phil

Phil Atrill

I went with a 15" from John Kimble in England. He makes the Brooklands in a 15" along with the original size of about 16.5. Made a nice look to the car and handling was good. Reminded me of driving my MGA. You pay a little more for it but it keeps the car in period looks.


David Honness

I have the 14" wheel, and have not had any problems with steering or parking speeds...The car weighs less than 1900 lbs, so a 14" wheel works fine.

E.B. Wesson


You are almost my size, I'm a touch taller. I removed the pedal extensions from my car, as well as the seat back hinges from the seat bottoms. I simply let the seat back rest on the carpet on the propeller shaft tunnel.

This allows me to sit farther back, albeit a bit more upright, but it is comfortable. I also have the 1 inch deep foot well on later LH drive cars. That gives additional heel room.

My final modification was to keep the original wheel diameter, but move the wheel all the way out. That gives me more thigh room and I'm able to comfortably drive the car.

Dave Braun

I used a smaller Nardi wheel for a couple of years....I really noticed the difference.... went back to a stock wheel and pulled it a couple inches closer as Dave mentioned and it made all the difference....I then went to a 1" larger then stock Brooklands and the difference was amazing...much easier to steer....
I have now gone back to a stock wheel....

The Nardi....

gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

...the Brooklands...

gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

...the newest stock wheel....

gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

Thank You everyone for your comments and good solutions. I think I will start with the suggestions from Dave regarding back seat and pedals. If that doesn't give me enough space I will look into the steering wheel change.


Ulf Claesson

...and then there's me; when making a new dash & inner dash I reshaped and lifted the curve above the steering column (also spaced the instruments). With a few tricks here and there I've lifted the steering column. ...198cm tall (I'm also busy building a smaller steering wheel )

Ulf, congrads on the new car, just need to replace those carpets though :)

PJ Nel idea yet....(if your replacing your dash material).....I have mine as tight as I can get it to the dash, but you can see where the bolt has cut a groove in it..... adding half an inch or so would do wonders....
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

Gordon changes steering wheels more offten than I change socks! ;-) !
David Sheward

Its easy David....there is only one to change....god knows how many single socks I have ......
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

Ha ha ..I have nothing but single socks!
Really meant it...quit wearing the prothieses about 5 years ago, so haven't change the sock on left foot since!
How many steering wheels you had in last 5 years? LOL
David Sheward

....(that would be 5)....
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

All of the above ideas are good, but at 198 cm tall, I have found that removing the fiber cover under the dash leaves more space for the drivers knees (or knee as the case may be)!


Message for PJ NEL SA can you please get in touch with me
R J Orchard

Some nice looking steering wheels! I have the desire to make a stock wheel with walnut replacing the plastic. GB, how did you get the wooden cover on your wheel. Are those funtional rivets? How many segments of wood? How does the grain run? did you bend the wood? I've been lokking at old wheels from the 30's that had a lot of labor put into them. They sure are pretty!
cj schmit


I have a website showing the method...

And some samples at:

gblawson(gordon- TD27667)


Gordon is being modest. He will sell you a wheel to your specifications. Just give him a call.

Dave Braun

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