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MG TD TF 1500 - SU Carb

Has anyone from the USA purchased products from SU Carb in England?
D Buhler

I get my parts from and get my carbs re-manufacgtured by Bob Johnson of Claremore OK or Joe Curto, and have never had an issue. I see no reason to change, as I would prefer to get parts from someone I know.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

Bob Johnson rebuilt my carbs and they are perfect! PJ
PJ Jennings

Joe Curto is one of the most knowledgeable people in the MG community in regards to SU carbs.

A very satisfied customer.

James Neel

Just finished rebuilding my SU's for my 54 TF1250 using a kit from Burlen the SU manufacturers and watching Joe Curtoes' videos. To date no real problem apart from slight leak from the banjo feed fitting supplying fuel to back carb. bowl. Spoke to Burlen technical. Advised possibly caused by historically banjo bolt damaging thread in bowl top.Steel to aluminium.They'd experienced this in previous rebuilds. Solved using an "o" ring as per their confirmation that it would be O.K.
JK Mazgaj

I get all the bits and pieces for my SU fuel pump restoration business. When I get an order together, I call them on Skype and give them my list verbally and in a week and a half I get the parts via USPS.

When we were in England we stopped at Burlen Fuel on the way to friends near there. I got a tour of their facility in Salisbury, while they were show me around, their sales people was filling my SU fuel pumps bits and pieces that I needed - nice people.
DW DuBois

I live 50 miles from Bob Johnson, plus he's a member of our club, nice guy and a perfectionist. No reason for me to use someone else. PJ
PJ Jennings

For repairs I'd use Bob or Joe. In fact Bob replaced the shafts and bushings in my 53 TD carbs. But for parts I'd probably go with Burlen. I recently bought a negative ground, electronic SU fuel pump from them that was cheaper, including shipping, than what I could have bought it for here in the US. Of course I always check with Little British Car Co. for prices before ordering from overseas.

Timothy Burchfield

I regularly buy fuel pump rebuild kits from Burlen. Nowhere else can you get kits as complete as they sell. Always top quality, as well.
Lew Palmer

I second Tim B's comments, I got parts for carbs and an electronic fuel pump.

The fast idle kit for the TF front carb was less that a single part from Moss.

I then had Bob Johnson do the rebuild.

P G Gilvarry

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