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MG TD TF 1500 - SU Velocity Stacks

Does anyone know a source for velocity stacks for SU carbs with a 1 3/8" dia. throat? Thanks, JL
James Lea

Sure they're not 1 1/4"? A 1 3/8" SU would be an "H3" which I don't think they ever made. TDs came with either H2s (1 1/4") or H4s (1 1/2", as fitted to Mk IIs). On an SU, the size is specified by the 'x' in Hx, where x is number of eighths over 1", so H2 = 1 2/8" (1 1/4"), H4 = 1 4/8" (1 1/2"), H6 = 1 6/8" (1 3/4"), etc.

Most likely you've got H2s, so you'd be looking for H2 velocity stacks.

Rob Edwards

The type size designation comes from the bore at the throttle plate, but the inlet side is smaller. If you are measuring near 1 3/8 at the outside, you have H4 1 1/2" carbs.
Much recent discussion on the MGA board re stub stacks that fit inside MGA stock air filters, but I think they won't fit under the TD bonnet. Old style trumpet stacks are brain dead engine wear & expense creators, generally with little, no, or negative effects on power.

FR Millmore

On my Mk II (with MGA H4 carbs) I put MGB Coopers can backplates inside my Weiand air filters. The MGB backplates have a stub stack built in, and inside the Weiands you'd never know they're there....
Rob Edwards

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