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MG TD TF 1500 - Sump

I bolted the timing cover to the sump and found a .016 gap as you can see in the photo.
Using a straight edge I see the timing cover is straight but the sump is concave in the front. The rest of the sump is ok per the straight edge.

Shall I trust the gasket to take up this gap???
My first thought is to have the sump machined flat. It will make the opening for the rear seal a little smaller but not perfectly round. I don't think that small out of roundness will be significant.
What say you all?


Mort Resnicoff (50 TD-Mobius)

Mort - There is an easier way. Clean the sump flange of all traces of oil and grease up the block flange. Put a layer of JB Weld on the sump flange and bolt the sump to the block and let it sit over night, remove the sump and clean up the edges where the JB Weld squeezed out and you are ready to go. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Thank you. I like the idea.
The sump only is out of flat at the front where it connects to the timing cover. Since I have them both on the bench can I just use that procedure by greasing the timing cover and using JB Weld on the front connecting surface of the sump?
Mort Resnicoff (50 TD-Mobius)

Another question. Could I use something like wax paper instead of grease?
Mort Resnicoff (50 TD-Mobius)

mort, dave's method will work. i have used it for similar repairs...but since you this case, if it were mine, i would take it to a machine shop..they will have a large, fixed base belt would take all of 15 seconds..literally, to clean up that face and it would be perfectly true. they would take little or nothing off the rear flange area. i am 8 minutes away from my friends shop, so driving casts and time are not a factor. regards, tom
tom peterson

I agree what Tom recommended is the best way to go.

Frank Cronin

And while you're at it they can clean up the engine side of the timing cover, too. Mine was warped in that plane.
Willem van der Veer

I decided to try the JB Weld technique first. If that didn't work then I could always try the surface sander.

I put the JB Weld on the front of the sump in the area of the timing cover and bolted the two together over night. This morning I did a little filing and have zero gap.

Well it appears that the JB Weld worked fine. Thank you Dave et al.

The threaded holes in the timing cover were badly stripped so I re-drilled and tapped to a 3/8-24.

Mort Resnicoff (50 TD-Mobius)

In future, a better solution than rethreading of stripped holes in the aluminum bits is to acquire a product called Keen-serts. They are available in 8mm X 1.0 size and are hardened steel inserts which lock into place. They are similar to helicoils but are simpler to insert and more secure.
Lew Palmer

One of my concerns was the thin wall between that hole and the cross hole to hold the timing cover to the plate. I thought an insert hole might pierce the wall. Re-threading did not damage the wall but it is very, very, very, very close.
Mort Resnicoff (50 TD-Mobius)

mort, you do know that with that re-thread you will now be the DPO, as in; with the next owner wondering why "when there is such an easy proper fix the DPO chose to drill out and re-thread with a US thread form?" it is not too late to avoid being the DPO. :)
regards, tom
tom peterson

Tom P.
I will accept the title of DPO.

Below is a list of modifications I have made since I bought the car 3 years ago. I don't think a little thing like a re-thread will make a lot of difference.


5 Speed Transmission (original is under my bench at home)
SU H4 Carburetor
K&N air filter
7 Vane Asymmetric Fan Blade
Austin Healey Anti-sway Bar
Boot Storage Compartments
16 Position Fuse Block
Third Brake Light
Mohave Heater
Moto-Lite motolita-mg-steering-wheels-and-bosses.htm>steering wheel
Turn Signals
Wind Wings
Seat Belts
Sun Visor
E-Z Pass
Badge Bar
Luggage Rack
Engine Drip Pan
Side View Mirrors
In Line Fuel Filter
Full Tonneau Cover
Battery Cut-Off Switch
Removable Head Rests
Clutch Stop on Pedal Box
Back Up Facet fuel pump
Wire Wheels and Knock Offs
Front Fender Rear view Mirrors
Anti-Splash Cylinder in Gas Tank
Clutch Connecting Rod Modification
Washer and Cotter Pin on rear shock
fire extinguishers, Halon and Type B
Fume Excluder on Accelerator Linkage
Thermocouple Pick Up Point Relocated
Grime Excluder on Clutch Control Arm
Halogen Headlights with Relays
K & N Valve Cover Filter
Suicide Door Locks with Warning Lights
Heater Diverter Valve and Redirected Plumbing
Acoustic and Thermal Insulation under Carpet
Internal Door Turnbuckles to Adjust Camber
Ceramic Coated Exhaust Manifold and Pipe
Air Horns with Relay
Oil Cooler for Engine Oil
Magnetic Sump Drain Plug
Period Correct Inspection Sticker
Repainted in British Racing Green
Rear End Replaced with a 4.55 Ratio
Custom Spare Tire Mounting Bracket
Adapter for Vertical Spin Off Oil Filter
Shims to Compensate for Twisted Frame
Velocity Controlled Flow Valve for Oil Cooler
4 Core Radiator

Mort Resnicoff (50 TD-Mobius)

JL Nederhoed TD#3966

Your list is a little longer than mine. But mine has more gofast goodies on it.
R. K. Jeffers

Why do I seem to recognise Morts list ?

TF1500, bought in "perfect condition" three years ago.
Jan Kristoffersen

Jan, was there something recently on Totally T-Type 2? Bud
Bud Krueger

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