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MG TD TF 1500 - Swivel Link end cap

Hi all,

I'm a first time poster and a born-again restorer - by that I am re-start the restoration of my TF1500 that I started 28 years ago. I plan to capture my journey at

I'm one week in and struck my first challenge. 28 years ago I purchased new swivel links and installed new bushes. This week I sent them to a machine shop to be reamed to 0.75in and the shop removed the brass end caps. (see photo)

Does anyone have any tips or tricks to re-install these end caps. Assume I will need to remove any lip, insert the end cap, and then burr over the end somehow.

All advice welcome.


C Cullin

Chris, I had a local shop do mine and they didn't remove mine. I would take them back ask their reasoning for removing them and let them figure out how to put them back. If material was removed you might have to recess them a tad further so they can be peened over or try something like JB weld to secure them. They only hold grease in and keep dirt out.
Rich (TD 3983) Taylor


You may be right. I was going to buy the reamer a do it myself, and I'm hesitant to go back and make things worse. I may try and hammer them in gently with a centre punch and see if they clip in. If not I will have yo go back to the machine shop.

Chris Cullin

Hello Chris, Glad you came over to this site. There's tons of information here from fellas around the world and in that mass of experience and intelligence, there's always someone who can answer any question about the T series cars. Enjoy! PJ
Paul S Jennings

Thanks Paul.

We'll last night I tried gentle persuasion, well it started gentle and gradually got a little more serious.

I started by using a centre punch hoping that would flex the end-cap just enough to get it in. It sort of worked but I could only get half of the end-cap it, the other half was sitting proud. This is the not-so-gentle persuasion came in. With an engineers hammer and a dead weight type hit I knocked the end-caps in.

The appear tight and even the paint stood up to the pounding. So far so good.

Thanks for the welcome and suggestions. 1 task down and ...... well onto the next one.

Chris Cullin

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