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MG TD TF 1500 - T aftermarket air cleaners?

Pan-cake air filters
T.L. Manion

I do not know what went wrong with the first note. The body should have read as follows: How do you fit the radiator side bar when running Pancake air cleaners?
TD is 1953 LHD.
T.L. Manion

Tom, one suggestion I have is to make your own radiator side support bar. Since you are using non-original accessories, you could set it up as I had to do when I installed my supercharger. I spliced (welded) two bars of the appropriate length and made a bracket that attaches the bar to the cowl or firewall bolts. I could send a photo if you want.
Jim Merz

This may not be the correct way, but it works. Remove side bar, then install the filters. The rest is trial and error "fitting". The connection at the radiator end of the bar can be adjusted by screwing it to change the length of the bar. I had to bend the bar to clear the bottom of the front air cleaner. By bend, I mean gently. I wrapped it in cloth, set it up in vice, slipped a pipe over it to get leverage, and bent the bar. I had marked the "bend point" with the bar in place on the car. As I recall, it took 10-12 very small bends to get it right.
I also had a bit of luck. The angle on the bracket at the radiator end did not require repositioning for the reinstall. I removed the bracket and screws, painted them and the bar. Worked out well.

Ken Martin

TL, the brace is thin wall tube, you can use your knee to adjust
tm peterson

When I got my TD it had the small chrome 4" air cleaners. The rad. support tube had been lowered. This is easy to do. Two bolts is all that holds the support bracket on the radiator. Looks like it is easy to relocate.
Bruce Cunha

Hey Tom -

I have Stellings & Hellings pancake air filters on my car and have no clearance issues (flat enough so they don't interfere with the bonnet, and small enough diameter that they miss the radiator stay). I replaced the foam and oil filter element that came with the units with a paper filter that I got from NAPA (took alot of searching). They are the right diameter, but a little taller, still no clearance issues (I did have to trim the rubber seal to fit around the mounting bracket).

I hope things in NE Ohio are going well and the car season is a little better than last year.

Larry Thompson
(formerly N. Royalton, Ohio)
Larry Thompson

TD is in final stages of rebuild. With any luck it should be ready for the race at Mid-Ohio, on the 24th. Any chance that you will be comming this year? I am still stuck up here in the land of snow and Ice, but considering Texas as our next and last move.

T.L. Manion

Do you remember the NAPA part number?
Robert Dougherty

Tom, I also run "Stellings & Hellings" filters. Still trying to find a K&N that I can maybe cut in half for a filter but no luck yet. It's a tight fit in the TF...but I would think would fit in a TD with no mods?! Hoping to make the Vintage Races at Mid-Ohio this year.
Was in Mansfield yesterday and got to take the TF for first drive since January! No wings or bonnet on her yet but still sure was good to hear her lil' engine purr again. Didn't go very far as weather not very good and brakes were all the way to the floor. (Actually ...the lack of brakes stopped me more than the weather....kinda scarry needing the hand brake to get her slowed down.) They are shooting for "done" for this weekend....but Pierre was ill, so I am thinking next week seems more likley.
David 55 TF1500 #7427
David Sheward

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