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MG TD TF 1500 - TD 0361 Modifications

Interesting modifications to this early TD (pity, in some ways), in light of the non-original threads we recently have discussed here.

A nicely redone car with TR3A engine and trans (and brakes? - really?), nicely painted, VERY brown interior with bucket seats. Looks like a very nice driving car. Interesting headlights, gas tank treatment and various other details.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair

t lange

I find my eye drawn to the radiator slats on T Types as they are invariably bent, twisted or with uneven spacing probably due to bird strikes & minor collisions over the years. This annoyed me so much on my car that I made an adjusting tool about 6" long out of ply shaped to fit perfectly into the rear of a slat. With a handle fitted & the surround on my lap I spent quite a few hours in front of the TV gently bending each slat back into shape. I don't understand why this job is neglected on many restored cars, this one included. Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

Where do those headlights come from? It seems to me that the value of the car would be low with all the mods made. dashboard has no original gauges, the running boards look curved to me, maybe just an illusion. it sure aint original nut and bolt restoration, resto mod maybe....
Tom Maine

Definitely a resto-mod. Wonder if the rear axle is modified to take advantage of that big 2 liter TR3 engine. With that engine this little car must be pretty snappy!

Bobby Galvez

It is not just he slats that are bent. The grille shell is a mess and is leaning to one side. It really makes the car look terrible.
Max Irvine

Poor 0361...looks like a grab bag of British car parts...drivetrain from a TR3; seats from a Healy...gauges and lights from who knows where.

With the wire wheel conversion a lot of money was spent on this car.

While I do not put myself in the "purist" camp, I reallly think a better job could have been done approximating the original.
Charles Duffy

Looks like someone had access to a British junk yard or had a bunch of british cars lying around and decided to put them all together. Gauges are triumph. They actually are the same as the later TD, just have black dials. My car had a set of them as spares when I got it.
Bruce Cunha

I am concerned more by the row of buckles. They really don't belong on those suede boots.
Nice work on the abs though.
They are definitely curved.
D Moore

I don't like the padded gas tank ends, especially the interior color on them, they would have looked better if they were left chrome, even though painted to match the tank would have been better. Some unknowing person who thinks it's sharp looking will buy it. Just too many things wrong with it. JMHO. PJ
Paul S Jennings

Comes with a free long sleeve t~shirt?
I'd rather push my M.G. than drive a Triumph.
I'd rather push my Triumph than drive a M.G.
On the sleeve's:
I'm having an identity crises.
David Sheward 55 TF1500 # 7427

The headlamp arrangement prompts me to raise the issue of fitting the sidelamps in the headlamps and using the torpedos, on the wings, exclusively as flashers.

I have just checked the UK regulations and I think side lamps must be positioned a max of 510 mm from the edge of the car. On a TF the centre of the headlamps is 400 mm from the edge. Lucas headlamps with a side lamp window are readilly available. Wouldn't such a conversion aide safety?

Jan T
J Targosz

Hi again Jan,
Did just that years ago, sealed beams from a dead Cortina.
Nobody was looking for white indicators and brake lights that became indicators. I now have orange bulbs at the front and motorcycle indicators fastened to the tank side plates at the rear.
I use my car a lot and wish to be seen.
Ray TF 2884
Ray Lee

I can't get past those headlights, that dashboard, and the curvature of the left runningboard. I'd bet there is a lot hiding under that green paint. I do like the tr3 bucket seats though. It looks like it COULD be a nice driving car.
D. Sander

Is there a car in the picture you guys are describing? :-)
Christopher Couper

Chris,The link is posted at the start of the thread,,,
Steve Wincze

Chris, I got your comment, it took me a while to see the car as well.
Max Irvine

I agree,,, but I was really hoping for her to be more visable as an active participant in the video,,,,,

Also, quite a few T Types advertised a restored don't have toneau covers,,,, or they don't know how to fold the hood,,,
Steve Wincze

In the thread above the seats are mentioned as Austin Healey and as Triumph. I could not find a description in the Ad.
Can anyone confirm the make of the seats?
Mort 50 TD

I like the headlights and the seats. They don't look like the "usual" bugeye seats I see sometimes used. Which Healey do they come from?
David Littlefield

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