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MG TD TF 1500 - TD Bolts

I'm restoring a TD and I'm now in reassembly mode. I'd rather use new nuts and bolts than trying to repurpose the rusty old originals. I also want to use BSF as opposed to ending up with a worse mish-mash of bolt types by trying to use SAE and having trouble with captive nuts, etc.

I've seen the list of bolts compiled by Abingdon Spares. I haven't seen any a comprehensive bolt kit offered by any of the US suppliers. Nor do I have any idea of where to buy bulk quanties of BSF bolts in the US.


Does anyone know of a supplier of BSF stuff in the US? If not, where to buy in the UK? Is there a UK vendor that offers a kit?

I checked the archives and couldn't come up with anything helpful.

David Littlefield

Hi David,
You might try British Tools & Fasteners, <> they show an address in NY.
I haven't used them (yet).

A W Parker

Hi David,

Namrick in UK can supply a range of BSF bolts,nuts.

However,something I enjoy seeing on well restored cars is the original bolts,nuts,setscrews being refurbished and put back on the chassis/body in the correct place.

On buying our disassembled TF1250,I remember being handed a plastic bucket,(with a little water in it!)full of the original Factory fitted bolts,nuts,clips etc.The 'restorers'had
started to replace these items with modern gear,often with non BSF threads.Ugh!

By re running the threads with appropriate taps and dies,lightly dressing heads,and then using a mechanical wire brush wheel,the original hardware came back to life shiny and as new.I then had all items Cadmium plated by a professional after thorough degreasing.Zinc plate does'nt look quite right.

Some of the 'precious' bolt head stampings on TDs/TFs include,Sparts,Newton,Newall,Rubery Owen,Bees,GKN,and others.

On our TF1500 I am currently restoring,the same process has occurred.A few hours extra well spent.

Rob Grantham
Rob Grantham

I believe that British Tools and Fasteners would be a bit cheaper for people in the US than Namrick. Actually the prices of the goods appear to be the same, but postage should be cheaper.

I agree with Rob, that cleaning and reusing the fasteners where possible would result in a more original finished product. I would not recommend reusing any of the high tensile strength fasteners, such as those found in the suspension, but the rest will generally clean up nicely. On the fuel pumps that I restore, I bead blast all the original fasteners, dip them in Fast Etch to give then a zinc phosphate coating and then clear coat the heads. I find that this produces a finished pump that looks much more original than using new (slightly different looking) fasteners. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Attaboy Dave, you do nice work.
Bob Jeffers

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