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MG TD TF 1500 - TD brake box problems/parts needed


I've got a 53 TD that is an almagamation of 3 different cars and was supposedly built from those 3 different cars about 1970.

Anyway, the brake pedal bushing really needs to be replaced, so I get the parts and proceed to start taking the pedal assembly apart only to find that it seems as if the whole assembly has been bodged in the past. There is an arm on the inboard (LHD) end of the shaft with a rod going to the bell crank on the engine block. That arm has been welded to the shaft. The clutch pedal is similarly attached to the shaft, so there appears to be no way to remove the shaft without cutting soemthing.

Additionally, the plate on the box is missing and so the pedal shaft is only supported on the outboard side.

So, my question: would anyone have any exploded diagrams they could send me or perhaps even some used parts I could buy? The shaft and perhaps the pedals and the end plate?


Ben Pender
Ben Pender


There are some pictures on my website, although not many that shows the shaft, belcrank and pedals separately.

Essentially, the shaft rests in a pair of bushings in the frame. The clutch pedal is clamped to the shaft whic has a belcrank on the inboard side, pushing the clutch pedal rotates the shaft which pivots the belcrank. From there the rod goes to the fulcrum lever on the sump, and then a rod goes from there to the belcrank on the bell housing. Between the clutch pedal and the belcrank at the end of the shaft is the brake pedal. It pivots freely on the shaft with its own set of bushings.

Look at for some easy and worthwhile modifications to clutch effort. Also Moss Motors for information.

Finally get a copy of Horst Schach's book if you can. It has some handy information in it.

Dave Braun

Perhaps a cut away view will help.

Sounds like the only thing wrong is you are missing the side plate and need to rebush the shaft.


The clutch pedal is held to the shaft with a pinch bolt/nut at the bottom, and a key/keyway. Search the archives for "pedal box" and similar- many great suggestions in there. No support from the side plate, all pivots from the frame side. George
George Butz

I'll bet that the PO who cut up your pedal NEVER Never thought that it would turn out to be sooo helpfull !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This site should help,,,,


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