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MG TD TF 1500 - TD/c-8151 update

Its alive... ITs alive...ITS ALIVE!!!! After hibernating since 1965, TD/C-8151 heart has been successfully resuscitated. Woot woot!!👀😎.

Yesterday, was spent in earnest preparing the engine for an initial startup. I had been having difficulties with getting a prime on the oil pump. I had packed it with Vasoline during assembly but it didnt take. So I bought a pump sprayer and back fed the oiling system from the gauge fitting at the head. Success. On to hot wiring the fuel pumps and ignition coil. After a few bumps in the distributor timing she lit off. A further timing adjustment by ear and the engine began to purr like a kitten with a warm bowl of milk. Oil pressure showed 45 psi at 1500 rpm though I find that to be a bit suspect. The gauge was a bit sticky as the pressure came up. Itll be interesting to compare it to my NOS gauge when the dash is installed. The initial run was only for a minute as it was a dry start to bed in the water pump.

Today will be spent cutting 3/8 off the bottom of the Moss supplied branch tube to I can mate it to the radiator. Also need to get a fiber washer for the drain cock. Once that has been done I can fill the radiator with coolant restart the engine and set the idle up to 2000 rpm and run in the camshaft for 20 minintes. Then reset the idle, set the timing with a dial back strobe and fine tune the carb settings.

it was a great day indeed.

Cheers 🍻

Bill Chasser

W A Chasser

It is a great feeling aint it. been 20 plus years since I did the same thing. Congratulations.
TRM Maine

congratulations Bill with this fantastic milestone. You certainly will enjoy this moment for a very very long time. Greetings, huib
Huib Bruijstens

Yes it is. Iím sure dad is smiling down from above as this Restoration starts coming together.

The tub has been completely re timbered. All the sheetmetal and chassis are in black powder coat. The doors are ready to go to powder coat and then be retbered as well. Sub assemblies are ready for installation, fuel tank cleaned and sealed, re caroming of all original pieces complete. Iím in conversation for interior trimming and as soon as the weather warms up Iíll be doing about 80 hours of panel massaging inpreparation for the SSG to be applied.

My hope is to have the car debut at GOFWest 2018 at Lake Tahoe, CA
W A Chasser

I think this will load. The pic keeps rotating

W A Chasser

taken before fuel supply and hot wires run

W A Chasser

Great news Bill!

Frank Cronin

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