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MG TD TF 1500 - TD Cycle Fenders

Has anyone installed cycle fenders on their MG TD? Not sure about racing...yet...but I'm just interested in knowing what it would entail. What kind of work is required and how much does it cost? Are there any good aftermarket parts that you can buy, or is everything pretty much a custom job?

I was inspired by the hot '34 MG ND Magnette on Chasing Classic Cars (

A Warren

To A. Warren Hank Rippert has cycle fenders on TD 8888. I don't remember whether they are fixed or turn with the wheels.

At one time he was advertizing cycle fenders for sale also. Don't know if any are still for sale.
Cheers and good luck,
Bob Jeffers

You can still get original styled cycle type fenders from Barry Walker in England. He'll even size them for the width tire you're planning on using. Not cheep at almost $400.00/pair but they have the center ridge and would certainly look original. There is also the option of using the rear fender used on custom chopper styled motorcycles. These are available from a number of sources. If you are going to vintage race then it's my understanding that cycle fenders attached directly to the wheel backing plate are not allowed. I plan on using cycle type fenders on my TD vintage racer and am fabricating some brackets to work with some TC front fender braces and TC headlight brackets. Still a work in progress. The problem is the original brackets did not have to contend with the TD's rack and pinion steering rack which sticks out about where the bottom of the fender braces bolts up.
Hiram Kelley


Here are my cycle fenders on TD27991. These are cut, heated, and bent from a mid-30's American rear spare tire holder - not vintage MG-style, but certainly effective. Mine mount close to the rim because they're articulated and move in all directions with the wheel. It's also my understanding that they're not legal for VRRA-type racing because they're not solidly mounted, so this is a street-rally setup only.

I'll send your further pictures of the fender carriers if you wish - email me if you're interested.

Dave Jorgensen

Dave Jorgensen

This place may be able to help. I've never used them but was considering them for some fenders for a Locost (Lotus 7 replica).
Roy Challberg

On an unannounced visit to one of the work shops at the Chemical plant where I worked, I found one of our night-shift millwrights cutting sections from a 55 gallon drum. He was using a plasma arc machine and was doing a very neat job with the sections all laid out with marking chalk. The sections all straddled the ribs in the drums, leaving it in the center of the removed section. I asked him what he was making, thinking it might be some kind of pulley or belt safety guard.
He was sorta red faced and fessed up. He was making fenders for some kind of hot rod he was building at home. I made the appropriate gruff noises and told him that shouldn't be done at work. ;^)
I never saw the finished product but they looked very promising at the stage I saw them.

Dallas Congleton

If I was going to put cycle fenders on the front of a T, I would look for a couple Triumph or BSA fenders. Front or rear depending on the width you want. At least they'd be of British design and are available on the net at various prices. JMHO. PJ
P Jennings

Forgot to post the link in my comment above.

Roy Challberg

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