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MG TD TF 1500 - TD Fastener Kit

Ok, as some of you know, I am restoring my 50 TD. When I first restored it in 1973, I was 21 and really did not know what the TD was.

When I restored it, I used a lot of American bolts and nuts. So for this restoration I am trying to make everything as close as I can to what it was when it left the factory.

I was looking for a full set of bolts for the frame and body. I found a company in the UK called A Series Spares. They advertise full fastener kits for midgets, Mini's, Rovers and other cars.

I sent them an email to see if they had a TD kit. They told me they were just finishing up putting together a full fastener kit for the TD. I placed an order

About 4 weeks later, I received 4 large Plano boxes with individual compartments full of nuts, bolts, washers, and screws. Actually an impressive kit. Unfortunately, the kit was for the later midget and was american thread.

In communicating with A Spares, they said they would work to put together the correct Whitworth/BSF kit. I even sent them a list of the sizes and lengths needed. I also made it clear that a full fastener kit for the TD would be something I would promote, as I believe it would be a great addition for people restoring a TD.

After 5 months, they still had not come through with the kit. As I used paypal to pay for the kit, I filed a claim with paypal. Paypal did refund my purchase price today.

I am not saying that A series does not have good kits, but they currently do not have a TD kit. Communication with them was spotty. I get the impression it is a small shop.
Bruce Cunha

Bruce - The problem you are facing is that %99.9 of the people working with fasteners has no concept of the fasteners needed. For the body, the vast majority of fasteners are British Standard Fine, with a few Whitworth (just to keep you on your toes). Then the real kicker are the fasteners for the XPAG engines - Whitworth size with (obsolete French Standard Metric threads). Your best bet is Moss Motors. Cheers - Dave
(PS - A lot of the above could well be sorted since I did our TD (70s - 80s). Cheers - Dave
DW DuBois

Hi Dave. Unfortunately, Moss bolts are not all correct. Either are Abingdon's.

I am currently putting together a full list of fasteners for the TD frame/body. I know you have done one for the engine.

Working with Chris Cooper and his list, using Abindon's list, and I have an unmolested frame at Bill Chaser's that I have photographed and measured every fastener on the frame. I should have this complete list ready for the group to review shortly.

NTG has fastener packets for various areas (suspension, body, etc), but I don't know if they have everything.

From the Frame Up does not have a list of TD fasteners, but carry most, if not all, the TC fasteners. I may start with them to see if I can order a full fastener kit. If I can, I think they will add it to their list.

If not, I may consider putting together kits myself.
Bruce Cunha

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