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MG TD TF 1500 - TD Fuel Pump

My fuel pump may be kaput------I will try to fix but in the event of failure what is the recommended unit-I use Moss Motors and cannot index the TD fuel pump to one they sell---what am I missing---------Maybe the cold has finally affected me------Thanx in advance to the MG gurus-----------

Hi Tom,
Dave DuBois should jump in here, but I'll beat him and "toot his horn" for him. He rebuilds SU pumps, and converts them to solid state vs those "accident prone" points. He did mine recently, a beautiful job, at a reasonable price. I've been meaning to write him to tell him it got installed a fw wks ago & is doing great, drove the car to it's (& my) first car show last Sat. I'm sure you can find him in the archives if he doesn't speak up soon.
Al, 54 TF
A W Parker

What is your pump doing or not doing? A lot of times it can be a quick fix.
Jim Northrup

I'll add my 2 cent endorsement of Dave's work... he solved my idling woes instantly with a solid state pump.
Geoff Baker

Tom, give a call to Abingdon Spares. They're in Walpole NH, just across from VT. 1-800-225-0251 Bud
Bud Krueger (TD10855)

With Al and Geoff tooting my horn, all I will add is that the pump needs to be sent right away if you want me to restore it. I shut down during the summer months so I won't be accepting any more pumps after the end of April. Tom - you can read what I do on the pumps by going to the article, SU Fuel Pump Articles in the SU Fuel Pump Articles section of my web site at: Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Does the pump "click" when turn on? If not, check to see if it is getting power, and a good ground. Power, ground and still no click, check the points. A quick file and clean may be all it needs. If it does click. Check the diaphragm. Another problem could be a leak between the pump and the tank, causing the pump to suck air.
Where in Vt are you?
D. Sander

And, I too would like to add my endorsement for Dave Dubois work. He has restored several pumps for me and all have been 110%. He goes above and beyond the call and is his costs are reasonable. Thanks again Dave!

Brian Warmuth

thanks to all for the input-----I cleaned up everything and reset the diaphragm-----seems to working well----onward to the next "issue"

Tom, When you reset the diaphragm, did you do it with the points tripped, so as to leave enough slack? I learned this the hard way years ago.
Steven Tobias

Hi Steve----thanks for the advice-I did trip the points and it looks like I'm ok until the next event-
possibly anything-----------? that's the fun of it!!!!!!!!

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