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MG TD TF 1500 - TD headlights

My TD (RHD but in France) was equipped with sealed beam from GE. Probably US beam shape. Normally I should use european standard.
Last week one of them failed. Since I cannot find the same reference as the other one, I have to change both. More expensive than a simple bulb !
So I'd like to switch to headlight units with easy to find bulbs.
Are the buckets and fixing rims compatible of sealed beams and headlights units ?

What other cars in France use the same units ? Can I use Mini, MGB, Jag, TRn...?


LC Laurent31


Any seven inch headlight unit will fit your TD headlights, with the possible exception of some Marchal units made specifically for some older Citron applications. Just make sure that your new lamps are for Left hand drive cars. Most RHD light units are marked as such. Sealed beam or replaceable bulb lamps will work equally well. I’m using modern Hella lamps with replaceable H4 bulbs in my 53 TD.

Cheers, Terry
T A Peddicord

Laurent, you might consider going with LEDs. The set I got from LBC, Inc., in the US are polar compatible with both + and - earth systems. The set included the LED lamps and new lenses. It was "plug-n-play." A lot more light, a lot less current draw.

Just a thought.

J K Chapin

Or you can get these fancy repo Lucas Tripod ones. I fitted LEDs to these for lower current draw and more brightness.

John Quilter (TD8986)


I have a pair of sealed beam headlamps spare. I removed them from my TD when I bought it 25 years ago. I will check them out and send you details.

J Scragg


I have looked through all of my spares but cannot find these headlamps. I must have already given them away.

Here is one place in France that sell these lamps:

J Scragg

NTG (MgBITS.COM)) Sells sealed beam and light units with replaceable bulbs in both US types (Cars driving on the left) and the lamps used for cars that drive on the right.

Remember, it is not where the steering wheel is, but on the side of the road you drive as to what light unit you need.
Bruce Cunha

On the subject of headlamps during the rebuild of my TC I needed a new lens. Got one and then promptly broke the other one!!!!! Anyway because the reflectors both needed re-silvering and was quoted -to me silly money I searched an alternative. I discovered that the units from early motorcycles (BSA, AJS and Norton etc all 8 inch units) fitted perfectly INSIDE the existing bowls. At a cost of £25 on EBay they had the added advantage of with an extra £20 each allowed me to fit LEDs AND I could use the parking light hole that is in the new reflector to have a LED daytime driving light. Although not having the word Lucas on the glass the teardrop lines are there as well. Total cost for each headlamp £45 (£90 for both) which is what I paid for one lens and I've not had to re-silver.!!!! For the purest they can easily be returned to original.

JK Mazgaj

Well, I bought two headlight from Neolite. Very cheap. Now I'm looking for H4 bulbs.
The standard H4 is 55/60W whereas the maximum indicated power in the workshop manual is 45 W.

These new bulbs draw 30% more. I'm affraid it will damage, the command switches and the regulator contacts.

Any rational, any experience ?

Relays would be an option, but I made the entire loom few years ago. I don't intend to install additional wires.

LED is another option but not legal. Prices range from 15 euros to 150 euros. Good ones are probably expensive ones.

LC Laurent31

So I hesitated between 3 options :
Modern H4 bulbs with high current
Expensive and illegal LEDs
Wiring work to install a relay

I installed 55/60W lamp as a trial. But after one minute, the dasboard switch was hot, the wires also. And when I took them off from the bowl, the bowl itself was very hot. Definitly not the right option for me.

I eventually slected another solutions : I found some halogen H4 40/45W bulbs from No electrical stress.
Enough to get MOT test and probably also for driving at night once a year for a few miles.


LC Laurent31

Just for info.
I too had to fit RH dipping sealed beam units as they are brighter and look more like an MG to me. Don't drive much at night but they are very bright. I fitted the Moss relay kit, to ease the current draw through the ignition switch. No drama there, if you can get down the leg tunnel :) Switching comes from the Dip Switch. Supply direct from the battery.
I mounted the relays and fuses near the toolbox only for ease of access. You can put everything under the dash if you don't want to see them.
The sealed beam units mount just like the normal reflectors with the original clips. No issues there.

Rod Jones


Je les ai trouvés tellement cher. The hot rod folks have good selection and even allowing for sea freight, will cost you less.

A subject dear to my heart, as right now, I’m running Sylvania Silverstar lights, so I’m musing as to the best way to up-grade my TF lighting. Have a look at ... Lots of choice in there for a 7-inch lens.

Just make sure you get one that allows an H4 bulb, as that’s the best one to fit our T-Series headlamp buckets

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gord Clark

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