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MG TD TF 1500 - TD history search

I bought a 1951 (sold as a 1953) TD via Ebay in September 2003. There was quite a bit of mostly negative and correct comment at the time. The comments ranged from no drive shaft, wrong engine (YA with manifold for single carburettor, useless windscreen, etc.) If I had known about the BBS site I wouldn't have bought it!

I am trying to obtain some history and I am hoping that someone will remember it, it is a long shot but worth a try. One person said he had seen it and wasn't worth the money but the archive has been edited and doesn't show the thread.

The only information I have is the address of Kaukauna High School in Wisconis that was written on one of the floorboards.

Anybody able to tell me more or provide a contact?
j c rathbone

First you need to provide some specific information. Start with the ID numbers from the tool box plate, which should give chassis and engine numbers. If missing, check the left front dumb iron, (runs from the chassis to the face bar) the chassis number should be stamped there. If you bought it and transferred it to the UK, you must have had some paperwork with the seller's name on it. That is a start. If it had a tilte from WI, that would provide more info. The ebay seller name ID might be a clue to someone as well. BBS threads may be removed from active display, but the info is saved in the archives, retreivable by model, year, subject, etc.

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TDs,TB, others

Thats a YB, not TB. Just to avoid the questions.


If you can provide more information including the ID and if possible things like body and interior color, I can have the MG car club in the Kaukaua area see if they have any information on it. I am a member of that club.
Bruce Cunha

Hi Paul and Bruce
Thanks for the interest.
The chassis/frame number is 8948 and was red with a white seat back. It was sold for restoration and I think somebody had started but not continued, the frame was clean and painted! It was sold as a 1953 but the records show it as made in mid 1951.
I would think it was used on private land with a lot of rough treatment. The Ebay pictures showed it from underneath with no floor boards as well as a conventional view plus other shots. If anyone saw it they would remember that it had a Y type engine with no carburetor, the engine frame at the front was welded to the frame, no seat squabs, a broken windshield, chrome headlights, a bodged up steering column and no drive shaft. It was originaly put on for auction but only got to 3000 GBP and then was put on at 4250 GBP. Since the information stated that it was complete apart for some minor parts (an understatement!) it was probably more than it was worth.
I have almost finished the restoration and would like some more info. to help me register in the UK.
Hope you can help

j c rathbone

Hi Paul and Bruce (again)
The archives sow the original thread.
Under TD archives, search word Ebay and look for "Like some buying advice, please."
I should have read the thread before I bought it but it is looking okay now.
j c rathbone

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