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MG TD TF 1500 - TD ID Plates - Stamped and Engraved

As people have been sending me original, unrestored car pictures to post I have noticed something interesting about the TD ID plates. It appears that the lettering was either stamped or engraved for the same period of cars.

For example one 1953 car had much of the ID data engraved and another had it stamped. These were both EXL NA cars so that did not account for the difference.

So while the numbers where always stamped, in many cases the common data was engraved.

The only thing I can come up with is that the factory had a stash of engraved plates that they would normally use but if they ran out they would just have a blank one stamped up.

This picture shows a stamped ID plate.

Chris Couper

This picture shows and engraved ID plate.

Chris Couper

Note when I stated engraved above I really meant etched.
Chris Couper

Maybe the same rotary head stencil engraving tool as used on the TF? Did this start at a certain point or switch back and forth?


M Magilton

Ok, So in seeing these I have a question. I when did they change between the EXLU to the EXL/NA? I know my TD 4139 was originally owned by a naval officer, but always thought it was an american export. and the Ex was export. The L = left hand wheel, and the U for United States

Bruce Cunha

Bruce: Maybe when they started selling cars in Canada? :-)

Here's some info from the New England MG "T" Register in their bible for all things "T"-series "The T-Series MG Handbook" pages 42-47.

EXR - A right-hand drive car built for "General Export" to locations other than the US and Canada.

EXL - A left-hand drive export car for destinations other than the US and Canada

EXU - original US export code thru car #1013.

EXLU - US export cars with left hand drive on car #1014 and later.

But I think they are in error obviously from the evidence here.

Cleary the use of EXL/NA meant the same as EXLU. My 52 TD (19629) is a EXL/NA and the 53 plates above are also EXL/NA. Mike Walsh also thinks we should see cars with LHX.

I have not pulled out the hard copy books on this as I have to many other lines in the water right now.

Matthew: Still to early to tell details. I have only started observing this trait. I suspect they used engraved/etched plates when they could be instead of holding back the production line they just stamped out the plates on blanks when they did not have the right one handy.

I need to go dig up my ID badge but I am pretty sure it was all hand stamped except for the TD/ like Bruces.
Chris Couper

Makes me wonder if my plate is a reproduction (see image under Chris's earlier thread). The common writing appears to be ingraved and the unique letters and numbers are finely stamped (none are catty-wumpus like other plates). The EXL is pretty clear but the NA is barely discernable.

'53 TD EXL 11 Feb 1953
J K Chapin

Jud: There is ONE way to tell if you have a repo.

At the top box where the TD is, what does the slash (/) look like? If its missing or stamped its probably a repo. If its engraved or etched and black then I think its original because I have found no repos with a / character next to the TD.
Chris Couper

Good Day all:

My TD 3191 build day Sept. 08/1950 was shipped from the Factory to Halifax, Nova Scotia and purchased in Dec. the same year.

With the exception of the "Patent Plate" all pertinent areas of the "Body ID Plate" and "Guarantee Plate" were hand stamped. (EXLU on the second line and XPAG/TD/LHX3525 for the Engine number.

My TC 6768 build date Oct. 08/1948 was shipped from the Factory to Vancouver, British Columbia, but did not arrive until May of 1949.

The same plates for this car also appear hand stamped but has no destination coding.

I also possess the "Guarantee Plate" for TD 0253 which was wrecked at Coast Import Auto in Vancouver in the early 1960's. This plate is also hand stamped and on the second line has EX/R.

There is one peculiarity on the "Guarantee Plate" for TD 0253. Preceding the word "via" on other plates I have seen, there is an opening bracket ( and after the word "purchased" a closing bracket ). On the plate for 0253 these marks are in form of what I know and identify as as "square" brackets [ ].

I have tried to submit a photo, still learning, of TD3191 Guarantee Plate and have no idea as to sending two on the form to show that of TD0253. I'll be lucky if the first gets through.

Cheers then: Jack Emdall


Jack. Great info.

Only one picture per post.
Chris Couper

Good day again all:

I hope this photograph will point out difference in the bracket theme I proffered in my last communiqu. It is the Guarantee Plate for TD 0253.

Sorry for the unclarity, as photography is another field in which I lack ability.

If there is a magnification application being used it may be better seen.

Jack Emdall


Interesting Jack.

TD 4139 comes up as built Nov 1 1950. So if the numbers were continual, there would be 948 TD's built in 38 work days 51 total days (not sure if the factory worked 5 days a week or more) So around 25 cars a day.
Bruce Cunha

Chris, thanks. My slash is finely etched or engraved just like the "TD" so I think the plate must be original. While we are on the subject of plates, can you shed any light on the relevance of the body type and body number on the smaller plate (see image)?

Thanks again.


J K Chapin

Interesting Bruce,

My TD3966 is from October 23rd and only 173 cars behind yours...

JL Nederhoed TD#3966

Jack and Bruce -

Sept. 1 was a Friday, and 25 cars were produced.
Sept. 2-3, off
Sept. 4, Monday, 27 cars
Sept. 5, Tuesday, 31 cars
Sept. 6, Wednesday, 20
Sept. 7, Thursday, 28
Sept. 8, Friday, 23
Sept. 11, Monday, 23
Sept. 12, Tuesday, 23
Sept. 13, Wednesday, 28
Sept. 14, Thursday, 23 plus 20 knocked-down cars, perhaps not made until Sept. 18?
Sept. 15, Friday, 23
Sept. 18, Monday 8 (see Sept. 14 above)

etc. etc.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

Jasper, my car 3983 was right behind you on the 24th.
Rich (TD 3983) Taylor


Wow, that's close!

JL Nederhoed

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