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MG TD TF 1500 - TD Mk II fuel tank question

Several questions here:

After years of running my Mk II with a single fuel pump and fuel line, I'm finally getting around to hooking up my second fuel line and pump.

There are two outlets on the TD tank. Correct me if I'm wrong, but on regular TDs one is used for the fuel line (with the internal fuel filter screen soldered to the adaptor) and the other for a drain plug, which is how I've been running. If I hook up my second fuel line that means I won't have a drain plug anymore. To anyone's knowledge, did there ever exist a Mk II fuel tank that had three outlets and that perhaps my car at some point in its previous history was fitted with a non-Mk II tank?

I also noticed that one of the outlets is partially blocked by what appears to be a slosh baffle, making fitting an internal fuel filter to this outlet impossible. Does anyone else have a slosh baffle blocking part of one of their outlet openings? Is this not a slosh baffle at all but some mutant oddity that shouldn't be there?

If the Mk IIs really did just use the same two-outlet tank as regular TDs, do you suppose the second line just never had a filter at all, due to the slosh baffle issue, or did they have in-line filters back then that were installed on the Mk II second fuel lines? I will of course put a modern in-line filter on this line but I'm curious to know if other have encountered this situation.

Bryan Sieling
52 TD MkII

B Sieling

Hello Brian, My tank did not have anything interferring with the installation of the same fuel filter screen that is in the regular outlet for the TD fuel line. Is it possible that the antislosh baffles in the tank have been bent over to the point where they are over the drain plug outlet? An awful lot of these tanks have had to have new bottoms put in them because the original rusted out. So another possibility is that the drain is not in the original place.

Could you reach in with a screwdriver, or similiar object and simply bend the interfering "thing" out of the way?
Safety Fast,

R. K. (Bob) Jeffers


My tank has the same blockage under the drain plug.

Good luck,
Evan Ford - TD 27621

The blockage is a pretty substantial piece. I don't believe I would be able to bend it. And the bottom of the tank all looks original, not replaced due to rust. It all appears to be factory original and a little odd that they would put a baffle partly over an outlet. But if used only for a drain it would function just fine.

B Sieling

The Service Parts List, AKD 834, Section R, doesn't show the existence of any other fuel talk for the MK II. It would appear that the second 'Petrol pipe (tank to pump) connects up to an 'Adaptor - tank' that is unique to the MK II.
Bud Krueger

Hi Bryan,

Your query sent me scuttling out to the garage with a torch. My Mk II certainly has the original tank - two outlets only, no drain. To concur with Bud, the two adaptors are different - one longer than the other. If you need dimensions just say.

TDC7822 - May 1951
G.D. Smith

That's fascinating, as my two adaptors are two different sizes as well (long and short). Next time you have the adaptors out, I'd be interested to know if one of the outlets is partially blocked by a slosh baffle, and if so, if have you installed an in-line filter on that line.
B Sieling


Unfortunately not likely to remove the adaptors for a while. that job is well behind core plugs, gearbox rebuild and a spare back axle rebuild which will get a 4.3 CWP. that is unless of course the fuel clogs in some way. Let's not tempt fate hey.

G.D. Smith

I removed the connecting fittings and pushed a small wire up both (mine are identical in size and neither is longer) and I was able to get 1 3/4" on the inboard one and 1 1/4" on the outboard one. The impediment on inboard one felt as though it was angled and the other, flat.

John, '52 TD/C
John Redman

I read a compelling argument by David DuBois somewhere to install fuel filters only downstream from our pumps, not upstream, as a clogged filter will destroy a pump by starving it if installed upstream.
Perhaps he will jump in here.

Dave Braun

My in-line filter is installed "upstream" near the tank outlet, but I use a transparent filter, so its easy to check it periodically by looking under the rear of the car. Putting it "downstream" of the fuel pump (i.e. between the pump and the carbs) means it would be visible when you open the bonnet (not that my car is totally void of similar modern upgrades, but something to think about).

B Sieling

I'm happier with mine under the hood where i see it every couple of days (check that oil, check that oil) then at the tank... am sure they were added pretty quickly after leaving the showroom?
gordon lawson - TD 27667

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