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MG TD TF 1500 - TD MkII Grab Handle

Rising from the gloom of winter, now the snow has gone, the mind turns to Spring and liberating the TD!

One sore point is that, 20 year's ago, the TD went (or rather boxes of parts) to a well known UK mg specialist for the final paint and assembly. Included in one box was the passenger side grab handle which was (I believe) only on the MkII. It was 'lost' by the assembler and it took some time before I noticed. They also did some othre naughty things, so I do wonder abut the 'lost' designation.

Time for a re-make!

Does anyone have drawings of the piece, I have a few scaled photos, but they do not show the fixing points to the back of the dashboard which is rather critical. My best guess is that it was made from 1/4" round mild steel(?) bar, bent to follow three sides of a wide based rectangle, two short and one long, and then chromed.

Even more daring, does anyone have one for sale.

I look forward to the discussion

Many thanks in advance

Ian Bowers


Try this link,,, I know there was a problem with this supplier last year, but I think it got resolved,,
Steve Wincze

Ian, Look at the attached photo. Maybe it will help you. It is supposed to be an original TD Mark II grab handle. I cannot remember the source nor do I know if it is RH or LH. I suspect it was from a RHD car.

Jim Merz

Jim -- That looks like the one I got from Moss when I redid the LHD TD. The bolts near the center of the car I believe were flat head and only went through the Facia back-board. The two outside fit the bolt locations for the back-board to cowl bolts. I don't remember if Moss sold both left and right hand drive units.

The thing I find is that you have to be very careful opening the glovebox not to let the door slam down against the grabhandle. It will mar the finish on your bookmatched walnut facia. But on the plus side the wife loves it when cornering robustly. It's fun to watch out of the corner of my eye as she steers the car by sliding her hand left and/or right on the grabhandle.


R. K. Jeffers

Does her foot go to the ghost brake pedal from time to time as well?
Gene Burgess


I'll put money on it that there was never a TD model (incl. the Mark II) that was factory-supplied with a grab handle. Nor for that matter, did the factory offer one as a dealer-installed option.

I can recall 2 after-market grab handles - one straight with the octagon in the middle, and another curved to the contour of the scuttle. I believe both were castings, and believe in brass and plated, and manufactired in the US and sold to the after-market.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gordon A. Clark

Thank you all for the very helpful replies.

I agree with Gord that no TD's left the factory with the type of grab handle which can now be bought from derbydashboards (though adding it makes life easier for the passenger to get in and out).

The photo from Jim is exactly the item, and I am confident that (late) MkII's left the factory with this.

I bought mine (either the last or second from last RHD MkII) in 1964 and little had been altered. It also has/d the chrome radiator slats which I was told by one judge was not correct; rubbish (since then I have not entered any competitions, if this is the standard!)

Anyway, I now have enough information to do a proper set of drawingss and can get the car another step back to originality

Ian Bowers

Hold on a second, Gents. I just took a look in my Service Parts List, AKD 834, Second Issue. It contains Section R, Mark II Supplement to M.G. midget (Series "TD"). Among the items listed are:
Grab rail -- R/H facia .. (LHD) Part No. 500809, and
Grab rail -- L/H facia .. (RHD) Part No. 500810.

Both are listed as "Commencing Chassis No. 22631"

There is a substantial list of items that changed at Chassis No. 22361. Included among them is Grill 301505.
Could it have been chromed?
Bud Krueger

See for a look at the entire Mark II Supplement.
Bud Krueger

Bud, that's made my day, and probably month.

Just what I have needed for YEARS.

Best regards

Ian Bowers

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