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MG TD TF 1500 - TD on eBay - with videos

This is a first that I've seen. The chap selling this TD has also posted up a few videos of the car, including a drive-by, a country drive and a tour of the car with commentary of the work he's done.

I'm thinking of making this the featured auction on MG AuctionWatch this week as it's a great example of how to list a car.
Steve James

Hi Steve,

Boy ! You are a long way from home at the moment.

I just 'love' the engine turning (coining) on this TD's Dashboard and Toolbox Lid !!!



A huge thanks for your efforts on the T Register details you have made available to all MG T enthusiasts worldwide.Massive job subsequently enjoyed by so many.
Rob Grantham

Is it the light/reflection/whatever that makes it look like 'brass'? Certainly looks more gold colour then stainless/alum?

I think it looks pretty... horible. And the ebay ad is too long... and the talking during the videos annoying. But I guess that's just me. Perhaps I should get up out of bed all over and see what I think then!

dave (the grinch)
Dave Braun

Thanks Rob... I hung up my T Register Webmaster boots a year or so ago now, but I'm proud of how we used the technology to share the T Register's data that was gathered so paintakingly by the Registrars over the years. Since then I've been working with another MG Register, converting their old data to a friendly database format and putting together a website for them on which to display it.

I agree Dave - the talking is annoying (especially over that beautiful engine sound), and the copy is too long. But I found it refreshing after stumbling across one too many cars with a one-line description and a single out-of-focus photo!

Steve James

'But, other then that, what did you 'really' think about the ad'

Hahaha... Dave, Dave... wow, never heard you so grumpy...???

The car looks pretty good, except for a few details, but I'd sure like to have that steering wheel!
Steve Tobias

"She is also fitted with the late style TD column-mount turn signal assembly, which actually came along a few months after this car was built so itís not technically correct but I feel itís a much better system, particularly because this set-up gives you four-way flashers, a welcome safety feature... "

News to me!!

I'm sorry, he's got a $25K buy it now price, and he justifies the lack of hood and side curtains (at least $1,500 in parts and labor right there) as things YOU don't need because HE doesn't need them. Obviously, he has never been caught in a downpour, as I was the first car show I drove Tommy to. Finally, for that same $25K he'll fix the leaky rear axle seal... for an extra fee! LOL.

I'm sorry he just sounds so... so... pompous and arrogant.

Still on the wrong side of the bed,
Dave Braun

Seller does at least appear to know more about out cars than the regular MGTD seller on E-bay.

I didn't do all the video's but read the ad. Car is ok, but as stated. For the price, should be a bit better with the items that need to be fixed, Dash and tool box cover are one of those items that seem to be an owner preference and not all that hard to change.

Someone's hacked into Dave Braun's email and is impersonating Dave! Geez, this sure doesn't sound like the gentle, wise Dave we typically see. Did the dash cover really upset you that much?
Mike Iandolo

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