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MG TD TF 1500 - TD Original Air Filter

I'm trying to understand how the original air filter works. The shop manual says it is "an oil bath" type filter but when looking at the filter itself the air enters around the outer edge and passes just above the normal level of the oil, bypassing the oil. The wire mesh does the total filtering. Or am I reading the oil level wrong? The "level" arrow suggests the level should be at the bottom of the outer can. The filter cartridge sits about 0.4" above this level allowing total bypass by the air flow. Am I missing something?

Has anyone come up with a modification to use a K&N cartridge inside of the original housing or any better suggestions?

R. Challberg

1930s technology. The idea (I believe) is that some of the air passes through the mesh which will catch some particles - and some of the air rushes down, does a 180 degree U turn which will tend to shake other particles into the oil bath because they don't corner as well as the air holding them in suspension. I seem to remember that if you didn't change the oil for 6 months or so there was a surprising amount of glug in the bottom so it did work.
Peter Daley

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