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MG TD TF 1500 - TD rear shock question/confirmation

I need to get my rear shocks rebuilt/replaced but having looked closely they are different. One has the large bolt facing down and the other to the side (drain plug is it?). They both have the same drop link which is straight and I believe means Armstrong shocks - cylinder/bolt attachment one end, ball fitting the other. Clear on the image.

I plan to replace shocks and droplinks and saw Apple Hydraulics do a replacement at a reasonable cost.

Can someone confirm that I do in fact have Armstrong shocks and choice of supplier.

I also plan to recondition or replace the springs and fittings.

Thanks in advance.

M Vickery

Consensus is that this is the place to go to.

World Wide Auto Parts (Lever Shocks) Peter Caldwell

Jim Neel 53TD28423

Yes, those are Armstrong shocks and I'll go a step further in recommending World Wide Auto Parts - they are the ONLY place to send your shocks. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

I second Worldwide. Check out link and scroll down to the MG shocks- two different kinds of Armstrongs were used, see picture. Peter could tell you the difference.

George Butz

Thanks for the advice. I wil contact Peter.
M Vickery

BTW: When you recondition or replace the springs and fittings you may want to consider : Moss catalog
14 267-560 $6.75
BUFFER PLATE, U-bolt to housing
Note: Optional, stops chafing

David Sheward

Dave idea about buffers good. Looks like the rubber pads between springs and seats are gone. This lets the rear axle twist and move, causing everything from clutch judder to throttle steering. George
George Butz

You start with one that looks like this

L E D LaVerne

Send them to Peter and they will come back like this. I had him do 8 of them. From your description I think one of them may have come from another car model.

L E D LaVerne

For example, these 4 are off an MGB on the wall. Similar but different.

L E D LaVerne

What is Peter's current fee to rebuild the shocks?
Jim Merz

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